High alert after dinner

It is our first evening at home after the diagnosis, and my daughter’s sugar is high after eating. Can anyone advise me?

Hi Elaine @devusser5! How long has it been since dinner? Mine typically peak 2 hours after a meal and then fall gradually.

We’re you given any guidance from your child’s doctor?

Blood sugar is going to rise after a meal and it may come back down with time, once insulin has had time to work. But since you’re concerned, call your doctor for guidance. Let them know her number, what she had for dinner and how much insulin she took, and they’ll let you know what to do.

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Hi @devusser5 . Just checking in to see how things went overnight. I hope your doctor was able to give you the guidance you needed and put your mind at ease - to the extent it can be since you’re just starting out.
I was the kid with diabetes, not the parent; but there are lots of posts from parents who started off on Day 1 totally overwhelmed and confused, and who learned and grew to be confident in managing their child’s diabetes and helping them do so themselves. You’ll see some suggestions of things to try - our personal sharings - not advice from medical professionals - based on personal experience. Those are for people who have enough experience to understand whether a suggestion may be right for them and how to implement it. In time you’ll get there - in the meantime work very closely with your medical team. That said, I’m sure you’ll find lots of support on the forum.
All the best to you and your daughter. I’m approaching 60 years with Type1 and there are people on the forum who have had it even longer than I have. So work with your team, learn, expect a step learning curve, and remember your daughter can live a long and happy life.

@devusser5 Hi Elaine, and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! We are pleased to see you here, and I trust that you may find useful tips - NOT medical advice - from people who have experienced living with T1D.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any one answer to your question other than that BGL [Body Glucose Level] will naturally rise after eating any food under normal conditions even when we use insulin - your BGL ruses too when eating. [You didn’t share with us what she ate, what insulin amount she used, or what her BGL was before eating and when she got the alert - alerts can set by user and different values are set. I have one of my alerts set at 160 while many people set theirs at 200 mg/dl and higher.

I will caution you, based on my 65 years experience while living with diabetes, that you should not make any changes in your daughter’s insulin dose or timing until you have much more experience. I will tell you to write down what you are seeing, including: her activity; what foods she ate; her BGL before eating (with timing); her BGL at various intervals after finishing her meal and then share this information with her doctor-team.

Also, please try not to use her sugar/glucose readings as her score-card or report card. Effective diabetes management implies that we understand that these BGL readings are nothing more than “markers” along our journey and that none of these readings has particular value all by itself - what is important IS HOW we use this information. A good medical care team will guide her and you in how to use these numbers and help set her on her way to live a long, healthy, active, productive, and enjoyable life.