High BG's and itching?!?!?

Does anyone experience this?  I notice when my BG's are going up fast and high that I get severe itching in a few random places.  It itches so much that sometimes I get blisters. 

Weird, I know, maybe that is just me....

That has never happened to me ever...sounds annoying.

Yeah, everybody's body is different.  I get some itching too, but I've never associated it with high BG.  I have genetically high bilirubin levels, which causes some itchiness but not to the degree that you are explaining.

Next time you get your blood work done you could ask for them to check off a liver panel to see if your bilirubin is high like mine.  According to my doc, it's high in about 7-10% of the general population.  I don't know if it's higher in diabetics or not.

Haha that has never happened to me before! That does sound pretty annoying..

I get really dry skin when my blood sugars been high for a long period of time. That's pretty annoying too.

This doesn't really happen to me now, but before I was dx'ed, I felt like I was itching all of the time.  I had forgotten all about that symptom until I read your post.  Thankfully, it's not really an issue anymore.

When I exercise, I get very, very, very itchy all over. It's sooo annoying. My endo said it's related to neuropathy, and getting my A1c's down would help. But, I've been around 5.0 lately, and still having the problem.