High Blood Glucose No Matter WHAT I Do!

Hi guys,


My blood sugar has been high ALL DAY for the last several days! What am I supposed to do? I increased Lantus by two units and changed my carb ratios. :( I haven't gained any weight, cannot be pregnant, am not on my period, and get regular exercise. Someone please help me! What can I do to not be so high all the time? I had an appointment the other day and all the blood work was perfectly normal. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you tried a new bottle of insulin?  

Also - could be...   1) stress?   2) getting sick?

Try new insulin bottle.  (be careful of the increased doses... if you get new bottles, go back to what you were before).  

Thank you! I use a pen, so a new bottle of insulin wouldn't be of any use to me. :( I do get stressed sometimes and find my sugars changing with that, but I haven't really been more upset than usual lately. And I did have a little bit of a sore throat recently. MAYBE that could have to do with it? Thank you so much for your help. :)

although you mentioned you have a sore throat, which may be the determining factor to your increased glucose levels, also make sure you have you been testing your glucose levels 2 hours after every meal to see if it's not an issue with carb counting (or just an even larger adjustment)... also try to skip a random meal for a few hours to also see how your glucose levels are without the food to see if it's your basal that needs more fixing.

Thanks, Ruth. I have to say, my BG's have been much better the last couple of days. I felt pretty ill a couple of days ago and figure sickness must have been a determining factor. Hopefully it's out of my system and my BG's will stay quasi-reasonable. :P

Hey, if you are only using Lantus, you might buy a bottle of regular insulin when you can not get your BG down fast enough.  

It's funny, I really hadn't thought of that - but it's a very good idea! Thank you!