High Blood Sugar and Irrational Behavior

Last night I slept with my pump suspended and when I woke in the morning my blood sugar was of course ridiculously high. I may have had ketones, but was out of the strips to test. I continued my day as planned attending a study group with my boyfriend. My glucose levels were still high at the group, but going down slowly.

Now for the part that concerns me... I'm not usually an irrational or angry person (indeed I'm quite happy), but at the study group I snapped a number of times at my boyfriend and a poor girl who worked at the facility. I was sweating, felt weak, and out of my head, but that's still not an excuse for treating the people around me, especially the ones I love like garbage.

I can't take it back and I can't apologize enough, but at the same time, when I was acting that way I did not feel like myself, and I'm afraid of who I am if that's how I'm gonna be with the occasional high glucose. I guess I'm looking for reassurance that I'm not the only one who loses their mind with high blood sugar and maybe some anger management tips for when it does happen.

Please someone say I'm not alone here. Thanks guys =]

When i'm high i feel like crap and in turn it makes me snap on people.. i tell them that i my blood sugar is high and that i'm sorry. But what can you do? All you can do is say sorry and tell them the reason..

But you are definitely not alone on this one.


Yes, "moodiness" is a symptom of high blood sugar.  Insulin is a hormone after all! ;)  I can't say that I've noticed mood swings with moderately high blood sugars, (low 200's), but I definitely feel a little "pissy" if I go over 300.  (Of course my husband may say differently, but we won't ask him!)  Being aware that high blood sugar can cause these feelings and behaviors can help keep it in check, but explaining it to the people closest to you so they understand that it's probably not them can also help! 

There was a time when I didn't know my blood sugar was going really low and my older brother just so happend to choose that moment to pick on me about something, like all brothers do, and so I acted more sensitive than usual and grabbed a cup of water near by and dumped it on him! He was so surprised and mad that the first thing he yelled to me was "check your blood sugar!" and so when I did, sure enough, I was low.

I too tend to get cranky when my blood sugars are high, usually because you just feel like crap, and if you're like me, don't want to do much except sleep. 

However, I find I become really irrational when I get low.  I'm more likely to lash out at people, and one time I was sitting on the floor in the kitchen, couldn't muster any energy to move to a chair, and my mom was like, go test your sugar.  I got into a yelling match with her and when she finally went and got my glucometer and made me test I was 32. 

So when I find the world (and the people in it) especially annoying and I feel the urge to start raging, that is a big red flag for me to go test.  So you are definitely not alone in this!

My son can be VERY irrational when he's running high. One night last week his blood sugar was 475 (combination of being sick and using albuterol in a nebulizer) and he was nuts. Crying, screaming, it was very hard to calm him down.

You are definitely not alone on this one! I get extremely moody when my numbers are higher, lower or rollercoastering. But OFCOURSE at the time that high or low bg is not the cause of my crankiness. Whatever I'm throwing a fit about is just that big of a deal. :) Something similar actually just happened to me last week. I was sick with strep throat and on Thursday I absolutely could NOT do anything to get my numbers in range or below 220 for that matter. Well before dinner my mom asked me what my bg was, which happens regularly, but boy did i flip. I told her she didn't need to know and that it wasn't her business.... so yeah, definitely not alone :)

You are not alone at all. When my sugars are running high. I like to be pissy with my hubby or short with my son. My hubby will usually look at me and say, "Go check yourself." I am 99% of the time high. All you can do is apologize.

ya for sure i think everyone is like that ive snapped at people before and after it happens I think wow did you really just say that but theres nothing we can do so just apologize and move on with youre day

High blood sugars are like being hung over... you just want to crawl under a rock.  Don't stress too much about it.  Everyone has bad days.

Next time you might take a shot instead of letting your pump correct the high.  Blood sugar usually comes down a little fast that way. 

I dont tend to snap at my boyfriend or friends but when i am high i do snap at my mom and dad and my 2 older brothers when they say something to made to me made. I dont think i really snap when i am low. but you are not alone with snaping at people. it happends alot to people

With high blood sugars I am a moody snappy person. I get ageda like no tomorrow. My claustrophobic levels are increased and I feel like the world is closing in around me and I want to break out. I cant sit still nor can I even sleep. Everything begins to bother me and the people around me usually begin to annoy me even with the simplest things. Its definately not their fault but thanks to diabetes its really not ours either.

[quote user="Jaimie Rose Chaffin"]

I dont tend to snap at my boyfriend or friends but when i am high i do snap at my mom and dad and my 2 older brothers when they say something to made to me made. I dont think i really snap when i am low. but you are not alone with snaping at people. it happends alot to people


I always take my grumpy moods out on my family too. (: Poor husband!

I get irrational with highs AND lows, it's terrible. I notice it more with lows, but my family and friends say that it's just as bad with highs. I've learned that I can't feel guilty about it, though. It's part of the disease, and for the most part, it's out of my control. So no, you are definitely not alone.

I definitely get very moody when my numbers are going up and down. For me it's such a bizarre feeling to be having a low blood sugar. I get so irrational with everything I'm trying to do. Sometimes when I have bad lows, my family sees me doing strange things like trying to open what I think are food packages but are not food. With my high's I used to have a lot more reactions, but these days I'm just extremely tired, don't want to do anything mood, and just not a happy person in general. I think it's important to pay close attention to how your body reacts over time too.