High Blood Sugar and School Tests

So, how high is too high for test taking? I don't mean for testing blood sugar, I mean testing as in honors Chemistry.  My son generally keeps very tight control.  This afternoon he was 270, which is high for him.  He asked me on the way home if he should have taken his chemistry test under those conditions (which he did).  He thought he was feeling okay, but he hasn't seemed right to me this afternoon.  How have other high school students handled highs?  (NOT on a pump.)

as long as i've been able to sit still and complete the test i've never NOT taken a test due to a high bloodsugar. 15 also wasn't an uncommon number for me in highschool anyways, so i probably wouldn't have even noticed a change in my headspace.

Stress as you probably already know rockets your blood sugar....when I take tests or go to clincal(i'm a nursing student) my blood sugar tends to rise. I know 270 is quiet high...but high blood sugar is better than low blood sugar for me when taking a test. I've bolused down on my pump before a test because I was high before the test and ended up dropping low during the middle of it and couldn't read the questions. I would prehaps testing after  the test and correcting depending if his blood sugar did go high.

(previous to pumping) I've taken tests on a high as well as low blood sugars, felt I did fine, then seen the score. And therefore talking with my parents and the teacher, explained the situation, and arranged to retake the test. Most teachers don't mind, all of mine have been extremely understanding about this.

If my blood sugar is too high, now, I excuse myself from class, traipse down to the nurse's office, and wait it out there. I remember a specific incident where my blood sugars were pushed clear over the edge of 500; running off to the bathroom I contacted my parents, who then came to school to pull me out of class as I wasn't able to handle it at that point. But especially since failing (not always straight F's, but most definately not the grades I usually manage nor expect from myself) I've tried to avoid testing taking, and class in general, on out-of-the-norm, untamed highs and even lows.

So, in my opinion too high for test taking would be whatever your son feels comfortable with. Some people can still do well over 200, some even over 300 - but then again some hardly function over 250. It really varies; so if your son feels he is capable of taking the test as well as scoring fair, I would leave it up to him to decide based off those feelings. Of course, if he's soaring over 350, 400 - maybe even 300? - I doubt the best choice would be to take the test. But it really is dependent on his ability to work coherently through highs. But that's just if you ask me.

Hi I'm a senior in high school and I know that under my 504 plan I do not have to take a test if my blood sugar is over 250. So I would consider anything over that to be too high.

Also keep in mind-if you havent already run into this- you might have to get your son on a 504 plan for the SAT's. I had to in order to have food and medication (insulin) in the testing room. Hope that helps! -Laura

Wow! I'd never thought to get out of a test for high BS. I mean it makes sense, just never occurred to me. I could have gotten out of EVERY test in middle school when I was going through puberty and my sugars were through the roof, lol. 

I probably couldn't function over 280 or 300... But, honestly, I could probably take a test if I needed to. Low, that's another story!!

I have found that when I get either really high or really low I can't concentrate. I decided with my doctor and parents that if my blood sugar is above 250 or below 40 I won't take tests or quizzes. I sugest takling to your son about when he feels like he can't really function, talk to his doctor and come up with something to give to your son's school about getting out of tests when he has highs or lows.

So I'm back to this issue.  My son did fine on that first honors Chemistry test.  The next test (in the same class) his blood sugar was 294.  He took the test and made an 82 (which is a middle C on their grading scale).  He is quite distressed about this grade.  (He's a straight A, gifted, honors classes, geeky kind of kid.) I asked if he was NOW ready for me to talk to the guidance counselor about setting up a 504 that covered unacceptable blood sugar readings for test taking and he said yes---finally.  He specified that he doesn't want me to argue with anybody about this past test because he had made the decision to take the test with his blood sugar that high, therefore it was his responsibility.  I asked him questions about the test taking experience and getting the test back, and it does seem that he experienced confusion over things he knew and flipped some things around for which no flipping could be explained.  So, he's not trying to get out of anything, but I think he is feeling panicky, realizing that honors Chemistry and Latin 4 tests make his blood sugar go high.

I've left a message on the voicemail of the guidance counselor.  I have no idea if they have experience at this high school with 504s for this reason.  Do you wonderful people have any advice, any wording, anything to say to me as I embark on this mission?

It sounds like your son is very mature. That's great if HE can decide when he doesn't feel well enough!

When we were working this out last year before I started high school, my mom told me, and she had to do this herself, don't ask, tell. So, if I'm low when I have a test, instead of saying, "My blood sugar is low, may I take the test when my blood sugar is at a normal level?" I say, "My blood sugar is low, I need to take the test when my blood sugar is at a normal level." So, do the same when you are talking to guidance counselors or teachers. Tell them this is what your son needs and this is what he will do. I hope this helps and I wish you and your son luck on getting this straightened out!

Your Endocrinologist should be able to give you some great paperwork on 504 plans. They should have documents that are specific to Type 1 that really spell out exactly what you want and need for your son.  You should not have to settle for anything. The point of the plan is to get an individual plan that gets your son any reasonable accommodations necessary. Good luck!