High blood sugar levels in 400s for no reason. Help please!

So for about three or four weeks now I have been dealing with super high blood sugar levels,in the 400s, I have told my doctor and they said to increase my basal rates by .5 so I did that and it didn’t work and I increased it again by .5 still no difference. I have changed my site and insulin so many times and have also been giving myself triple the bolus amount for food. I’m beyond frustrated and have no idea what is going on has anyone else dealt with this or is dealing with this?

That doesn’t sound good at all - I’ve been through that and I know the horrid feeling.

There might be something else going on that is disturbing control of your diabetes. What you are doing with your basal rates and supplemental bolus is a good way to go as long as you continue to monitor BG so you don’t fall suddenly.

In your situation, I’d insist that your doctor see you immediately or get yourself to a clinic or ER - you could have an infection of which you are not aware. I had an UTI last September that didn’t show symptoms at first other high [450 - 525] BG readings that started overnight so I changed my basal to 150% and took a few bolus boosters; no help. Our daughter got wind of what was happening and within a half hour she planted me in ER; it took more than a week with my pump running at 200% plus a bolus every three hours to get my BG down to 150. [My daughter has worked emergency medicine for years and recognized my condition over the phone - lab tests confirmed the infection was in my blood too.]

Please don’t wait - act soon!

two thoughts @Alh213

first, do you pump? pumpers suffer more scarring and the (sometimes often) occlusion of infusion sets that can lead to very high blood sugars in a very short amount of time. If you pump, it may be time for you to look at “high blood sugar protocol” or discuss it with your doctor. Typically you bolus with a syringe or pen and see if that brings your blood sugar down in a predictable way. if it does -> then it’s the infusion set or pump.

the second - if you are taking new supplements or have been given steroids or perhaps feeling like or having a lot of anxiety, it could be the sign of something else. t1d sometimes have issues with stress hormones and you’ll have to work with a doctor for that one.

good luck hope you fell better.

Hi Alh213,

I agree with what both Dennis & Joe have said in regards to possible causes and solutions. It could easily be counter-regulatory hormones in response to something like infection, or mechanical-as in related to something like an infusion site, bad insulin, etc. It sounds like you’ve addressed the latter pretty well (both possibilities, actually), and as Dennis said, it’s likely time to get help from your Doctor.

If it was an absorption of insulin issue, Ketoacidosis could easily have reared its ugly head by now… If it’s infection, it’s certainly a double edged sword as it can get far worse with high blood sugar, and you’ll need help to treat both it, and its effect on your diabetes.

Don’t wait! As Dennis said - it doesn’t sound good, at all. Sometimes things are beyond our control, despite our best efforts. Good luck, and if people seem seem to pass judgement just ignore them as they likely don’t have a clue what it’s like to live with type 1 DM every minute of the day. Advocate for yourself - you’re worth it!

One other possibility I want to throw out in addition to what the others have said: By any chance are you taking any steroidal meds (oral or injected) such as cortisone or a Z-pack? Those things wreak havoc with BG, even up to several weeks after you stop taking them. I had to triple up my insulin dosages just to barely keep up. Your body is definitely fighting something, so that’s what they need to help you get to the bottom of.

As someone else mentioned, you are likely in DKA, which is just added on top of whatever else is going on. Do you have a way to check ketones, like ketostix? If so, check them. If you have ketones, get yourself into the er immediately. They will check you for infections, give you a prescription, and monitor you until your ketones are gone. Good luck!

I had a week of high numbers in the 300 and 400’s too. I thought my insulin had gone bad. I was traveling and the AC broke in the car. I couldn’t get my numbers down.

What I found with the temps in the 90-100s during my trip I was just dehydrated. Once I drank 8oz of water every hour until I was hydrated my numbers came back down to my normal BG’s.

My frio packs kept my pump and insulin in good shape in the high temps.

Hey Alh213, how are you now?
Last month I had almost a week of highs after getting four vaccines at the same day. I hope you are better already, but if you aren’t yet, I would reach to the doctor and investigate for an infection.