High Blood Sugar Making Me Sick... Literally

The other day, I came home from a football game around 10:00pm. I hadn't eaten since lunch and I was feeling really sick and tired. I knew I must be high but I didn't want my parents to know. I went to the basement and I ended up throwing up in the bathroom down there (they can't hear me from their room upstairs). The acid from my stomach actually burnt some of my throat! I found that out the next day when I tried to eat breakfast and I couldn't swallow anything! Later in the day, after about 24 hours without food, I could finally eat something if I ate a few yogurts with it. (The yogurt coated my throat so it didn't hurt so bad when I swallowed) Anyways, It made me really upset that it was all because I was high. It made me feel worse knowing I could've prevented that from happening if I had paid more attention to my numbers. Has anything ever happened to you where you wish you would've had better control over your sugars? That sounds like an obvious question but I mean really annoying, uncomfortable things. Anyone?



When your sugars stay high for an extended period, the ketones start to make your metabolism toxic. That is why you start to throw up, your system trying to rid itself of toxins.  But almost as bad as this, your attitude becomes toxin as well, you feel mad over nothing, feel light headed at times, thirsty and needing to go, but it isn't like when you were first diagnosed, your system has had time to adjust the fluctuation of sugar levels.  When you know the causes then you can re adjust corrections, I know having this disease is no cake walk, and there are days/weeks that would be better left out of the life cycle, but know when you do let your sugars get to that point, chances are you going to fall into a funk that will not let you go easy. Just try one day at a time to hold those sugars in a reasonable range, and let your body adjust to having lower sugars, this makes making choices much easier and you will find yourself being happier for no seen reason at all.  When you can do this, you will find things around you are not so much of a struggle for you. Best of Luck !  You can do this, no one else will.  

We all do dumb things sometimes.  I spent my teenage years with A1cs of 14+ and went to the hospital a couple times as a teen and in college.

Stop feeling judged by your doctor, parents and glucose meter.  Your pancreas doesn't work and so perfection isn't possible.  But don't be dopey and skip your insulin for hours either.  If your blood sugars are lower you will have energy and feel better.   Plus highs give you bad breath and make you look pale and yucky.  

Once I stopped seeing the meter as a judge and just saw it as something that told me to take insulin or eat, I didn't dread testing and it made it easier to have better blood sugars.  Wish I could have figured that out sooner and not wasted so much time.

Are you pumping or taking shots now?  What is your insulin correction factor?

Try to avoid highs, but when they happen take care of yourself and you will be okay.  Jeff gave good advice in getting your blood sugars lower overall.  

Take care and let us know if you have questions or need encouragement.  -Jenna