High blood sugar

Okay so when I got home from work today my blood sugar was 417, I was feeling pretty sick and gave correction and downed some water, and I retested a while later and it came down to 133, yet I am still feeling really sick, my stomach still hurts and I am having really bad acid reflux, is this normal to still feel this bad even after it has came down back to the normal range?

Hi; maybe you have it backwards; maybe you have an abdominal condition that caused your bs to go up.like a gall bladder attack, or appendicitis.

hi @ShortCake,

a really bad high can cause nausea, and it can persist for a while, at least in me anyway. I think it would be a good idea to check in with a doctor if it doesn’t go away (by now - you posted this over 9 hours ago). like @Richprettyoldtype1 said, it could be something else as well. stomach virus can cause both high blood sugars and nausea.

hope you feel better!