High Blood Sugars After Pregnancy?

I had my babygirl 13 days ago. The first few days I had several low blood sugars in the 40's 50's or so. But I have noticed the last 3-4 days my insulin requirements have went WAY up. I am using more basal insulin now than I ever used pre-pregnancy or during pregnancy. I am so frustrated because I was expecting to use LESS insulin after pregnancy, not more. What is going on?

Another note, I had much better control during pregnancy. I can't seem to find any pattern with my blood sugars right now. They are just all over the place. I will test my blood and be like 75 and think I am fine. Check again an hour later and be over 250!

Your hormones, lack of sleep and weird eating are going to affect blood sugars post pregnancy.  Make it a priority to test a lot and try to eat as well as possible.  Sandwiches are great the first month with a new baby.

Are you breastfeeding?  It drops blood sugar, so that might be why some of us experience dramatic post pregnancy lows.  

Either way, your blood sugar will settle back down by about 3 months.  Congratulations on your baby!