High Blood Sugars

Hi everyone
I have been a type 1 for nearly 15 years and am having a hard time putting in to words the feeling of having high blood sugar. I am dating someone new who is not diabetic and I want him to get an idea of how I feel when my blood sugar is high. Any thoughts? What do you feel like when you’re high?

I’ve had it for 32 years, and my effects have varied a little over time. For me, I get sleepy when I’m high, kind of groggy. Sometimes I’m thirsty if I’m like 300 or more, but over 200 the sleepiness is the first thing that clues me in. I just want to take a nap.

Hi @ashleyesayegh,

Like @angivan, my symptoms have varied over time - 50+ years ago I’d get groggy and fall asleep - falling asleep with my face in a textbook knocked me out of college. These days I feel logy and possibly a little more sluggish.

In the “Resources” section on here under “Control & Management” there is a comprehensive list of symptoms. Here is a direct link: http://t1n-migration.10uplabs.com/resources/control-and-management/high-blood-sugar-causes-warning-signs-and-treatment/

There is much else in the Resources on this site that may help you explain to your new friend what you experience with T1d; each topic and subtopic may be printed on its own.