High blood sugars

My blood sugar has been high a lot lately and I've had ketones. So i wrote down all my blood sugars and faxed them to my doctor. she called my mom and told her it was b/c of me staying up late and eating late. I'm not sure where she got the eating late is. I didn't write down what or when i ate. more often then not i don't eat before i go to bed. but i had checked my sugars at like 10 am and 1 am a few days 'cause it was a long weekend and i had stayed up late. I've never heard of this messing up my sugars. i'm a teenager, i've always stayed up late. could this be why? my doctor told me wasn't sure what to do to help fix it. and told me to wait about 5 days and send them back to her to look at

as a teenager my levels were more often higher than normal. with hormones, they kinda get screwed up and its a matter of chasing them with insulin..which doesn't always work.

have you had any extra stress(exams, life, etc) lately? my bloodsugars randomly skyrocketed and stayed there for about 3weeks in the middle of winter cuz i was stressing so much. my doc has no idea other than stress being the cause and said that sometimes it just happens.


i also find that when i stay up late, my bloodsugar is higher in the morning..but i take my lantus at night so sometimes i forget until i'm about to crawl into bed so i blame that.

pump or MDI? maybe you need to up your night insulin or change the time you take it?

Is there any chance at all that your insulin/syringe/pump site etc. could be bad? I've experienced a few frustrating days when I change my site multiple times and my blood sugar will absolutely not come down until I switch to new insulin or something.

I had the opposite problem once with low blood sugars as a teenager. My numbers wouldn't come up all night and the doctor suggested to my parents that I was toying with my pump. It's definitely frustrating when you know you're not doing anything wrong! It might help to either avoid late night snacks at all for the next few nights or keep very careful track of how much you're eating and of what, so that you'll have evidence to give the doctor if she suggests again that it's eating problems.

Good luck- I know it's frustrating, especially with the ketones!

I know that when it's around finals time for school (like now), my blood sugars tend to rise a little bit because I'm so stressed out. Also, when it's that time of the month, they definitely rise.

I think mine tend to be lower in the morning when I am up late, which has been pretty often this trimester. So many things can affect your blood sugar; it all depends on your activities, stress level, hormones, and so much more.

I would just keep track of them like you're doing, and hopefully you will figure it out.