High blood sugars


So yesterday I went to my doctors for my 3 month check up. My sugars are so high that my doctor circled the whole chart and told me those were my high blood sugars!!!! My a1c is 9.9! Someone please tell me you have a suggestion to something that will bring me down? Feel free to ask questions!



When my numbers are high consistently like that I increase my dose of basil insulin. I find it makes a HUGE difference.

We up that every time I go to the doctor.... They also up my meds because it has affected other things in life. Also they have been high to where I have glasses coming next week

my A1C was 11.2 my last apponitment and it was baddd but i try my hardest and my sugars arent has highh

When I was first diagnosed my A1C was like 19!!! The doctors would adjust my insulin and I'd take more shots throughout the day and I worked 14 -16 hour days and always on my feet. My biggest problem was food. I went into a coma 5 years after being diagnosed with T1. 9 days in a coma and almost dying,I had to do something. I try to keep stress down as much as possible,I work with a dietician and I eat more now than ever before but I eat the RIGHT food now. I still take at least 5 shots a day but my last A1c was down to a 9.8 which is still not good but alot better than before. I am still working hard and checking more often than ever before and I go every 2 months to see my doctor so I am determined to get my A1c to at least 8.0 the next time and keep going down from there. So many people think that if you have sugar then you just can't have sweets..Boy I wish that was true....Milk is the worst to have and all the carb foods. Well I count my carbs now and take my correction insulin along with so many units per so many carbs and so on. I hope you get your #'s down and I know how hard it is.

Livia, at your age, it's hormones. Middle school was a D-nightmare for me. :P You'll probably have to keep raising your basals for the next few years. Don't feel bad about taking more insulin, your body just needs it now.

Of course, as you raise your doses, test more often to make sure it's helping and not too much. (-:


 Since it's been quite a while that I signed on I realize I'm arriving very late to this thread and I apologize for that.  

 But, the first thought that popped into my head was what type of doctor are you seeing?  I cannot believe, if my numbers were that off the chart during my 3 month visit, my endocrinologist would not have immediately gone to work on what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and then devised a plan of monitoring (daily? weekly?) what is happening.  Is your man/woman a GP or someone with intimate knowledge of diabetes?