High Blood suger for the past 3 or 4 days

Last week I was doing good with my BG'S. I was under 200 most of the time. About Saturday I think it was is when I started to run in the 200's and higher. Right now I have a temp Basal on at 115% which is 1.25 per hour. I did good when I woke up today I was 98. I check about 2 hours after I ate and was 303. I put that in my pump and got .3 cause I had active ins.

At 11:04am I got checked and was 284 after I was 303. I dont know if that means I am going down or what. I hope it does.

The last time I want to the Endo we changed things. Cause in Sept of 10 I passed out so they did some things differnt. My target's have chnged 2 times since Sept of 10. There are 3 differnt ones. Midnight is 100-120. Was 100-150. 6AM is 80-120. 7PM is 100-120. Was 100-150. My Correction have changed since then too.

I hope that some one can help me with this. I dont like this cause They Dx'ed me with Tinea Corporis which is from haveing high blood suger for a long time. I was doing good but my Blood Suger take a worng turn which I dont like.

You may be sick or have an infection  You may be prementrual, when hormones that inhibit insulin are higher.  Or you might just be growing and need more insulin.  Have you gained weight recently (even 5 pounds can change basal rate)?  Eating any differently? 

You should probably call your doctor for some advice. 

I think having such different targets would make control difficult, or at least confusing.  Would it be easier to set a target of 130 all the time?  It would be simpler and still provide a little cushion from an unexpected drop. 

I dont think I am Sick. I am 15. The last time I know I lost waight 9 pounds. But that might have been cause I was high.

I dont think I have been eat differenly. When I got checked for lunch I was 273 and before that i was 307. I had egg sandwich and crachers. which would be 52 grams.

You might want to try a refill on your insulin if this is a recent change, sorry if this sounds silly or obvious. A few months ago the whole batch of insulin I received from the pharmacy was bad. I thought at first it was something that I was doing/ not doing, and then I tried a new bottle of insulin, but my numbers were still up and nothing I was doing was having much affect on the numbers. Finally realized that the entire refill had gone bad before I had gotten it. Along those same lines occasionally there are defects with batches of pump supplies, just a couple things to try. Hope you are able to get things back to normal soon.

Pairing food groups, being mindful of serving sizes and removing all refine products (simple carbohydrates) have been my saving grace for stablizing  blood sugars. 

 I see you had protein (egg) however was your bread (white/bleached) flour (simplecarbohdrate) or a whole grain source - and if you had a two slice bread sandwich with crackers too then you may wish to save the crackers for your mid morning or mid day snack (serving wise here also) with a protein like hummus spread or peanut butter or skim cheese and opt. a salad and a piece of fresh fruit in its place. 

A portion is what a person puts on the plate where a serving is the appropriate size suggestion within the diabetes pyramid and/or USDA recomendation so be aware of portion distortion.

Hope you find this helpful.

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Thanks everyone for the help

Do you have any stress? because im dealing with the same thing and i was informed if im even a little stressed (wich im more than a little stressed atm) can affect your sugars in a big way sometime. you may not even realize you are stressed about something.

Maybe it's a full moon?

You've gotten a lot of good input here.  I'll add another.  This happens to me from time to time also.  It usually seems to happen out of the blue without much explanation.  You know, rockin' along, things are good, numbers are good, eating right, starting to feel like you got this figured out, and the BAM, out of the blues numbers go out of whack. 

What I usally do when this happen is get a little more aggressive on the insulin.  Then after a while they'll come back down and you can back off on the insulin.  Not scientific I know, but I've seen it many times in my life. 

I do find that when I'm working out regularly it happens less.   Hang in.  It will get better.

Thats everyone for all the great advice that you have giving me. The some thing happend today, I woke up being 127 and for lunch I was 373. And last night when I want to bed I was 380.

Take a minute a re-visit your diet with serving size and write down what you ate and how much, the time line between each meal and/or snack and see if there's a trigger food that is spiking your lunch high and evening snack high plus are you treating according to what you are ingesting?

A really neat and fun web site I use with my clients is MyFitnessPal.com which is a wonderful online tool to help one stay accountable.   You'll just need to modify it for it is not a diabetes specific site though it is really easy to adjust for it  focuses also with carb counting.... 

Keep me posted:)




Thanks Jaynie,I will keep you posted. I was 394 at about 3:40pm

Hi rosalie...Sounds like you and my daughter have the same problems..She is 10 and her bs is all over the place. Rarely does she experience lows, but wow, she really experiences alot of highs.  Last week she woke and 276 , ate breakfast and I gave her humalog for her meal and a corrective dose. This was about 7:45am.  At 10:00am I received a call from the school secretary (Because our school nurse was at a different school that day) and she said , she came in dizzy and blurred vision and tested at 509! What?! I freaked out and got to the school in a flash. Checked Ketones (negetive) and gave her a corrective dose to get her back under control, along with a bottle of water..which is a great natural way of lowering blood sugar. Weird, but after 1/2 hour she tested even higher, this time 543. I took her home and kept a close eye on her and in no time she was down to 340, and 1/2 later 212. Thank God. I was so relieved, but still could not figure out why she would have went up so high. Her nurse practitioner had said that its possible due to the fact that she had a cold, she is going through puberty and she had the added stress of istep testing, that that could have attributed to her numbers. It makes sense. Whenever she is stressed out about something , her numbers are alway high.  Have you been under any stress in the last few days? Its definately something to talk to your dr. about ..otherwise, you may need your lantus, or night time insulin upped a unit. Hope everything gets back to normal soon.

I hope you are checking for ketones.