High BS after changing site

The last few times I have changed my site I have experienced ridiculously high and out of the norm blood sugars.  The only last like 12 hours but it does take a while for it to come down.  There are not any bubbles in the tubing or reservoir and I would think if I am not at a good site the high blood sugar would continue on longer.  So, I find it odd that it lasts for just a few hours right after I start a new site. 

Anyone else run into this or know what it might be and how to prevent it?

I run into this alot!! My mom asked the doctor and he said we should try changing it at night so we did I still sometimes go high but not all the time and if I do not as long.. give it a try :)

While I'm sorry to hear your problem I'm super happy to know I'm not alone!

Yes, I have this same problem. I get highs for 6-8 hours. I had this when I used Silhouette Insert (0.9mm). Now I use Mio infusion sets at 0.3mm. With the Silhouette, I had frequent inflamation at the site and these high BG every time I changed sets. With the Mio, I don't get the irritated site and I don't see this high BG after changing.

My guess? Changing the site causes an inflammation and immune response. The deeper penetrating set caused a more severe reaction. White blood cells and macrophages go to the site and cause the insulin to become inactive or lose adsorption. This would effectively cause less insulin to be delivered.Possibly a different infusion set would help.

Now, I have another question for you... My correction ratio is 1U:50mg/dL over 90. After changing sites with the Silhouette, I would get similar changes... ie. after 2hours my BG was up 100mg/dL. Is this is same for you? Or does it go much much higher than expected? Sorry to answer questions and add questions at the same time.


That makes complete sense!  I always feel a bit irritated at my site for about a day.  Sometimes its even sore if I push on it a little. 

Ill look into the smaller infusion set next time I go to my doctor.

My correction is 1U:40mg over 110.  My blood sugar would rise to over 300 after I change my site.  It goes WAY up!  My normal blood sugar reading is around 120 - my last A1C was 6.2 - so, you can tell that 300 is really really out of the norm but this always seems to happen right after I change my site!

I have as well been experiencing this! It is very aggravating and only happens to a handful of us it seems, I try not to eat anything for a few hours and then if I'm a little high then give a bolus and just keep an eye on it. Thats what I did yesterday and it worked lol

Do you remove the old infusion set right when you insert the new one?  I used to do that and noticed that some insulin would often come back out when I removed the old set.  So, I leave in the old infusion set and cap it for about one day so that I can fully absorb the recently delivered insulin from the old site.  Since the new site is always different from the last, this is never a problem.  Then I simply remove the old site about a day later.  I wonder if high BG's might be related to the loss of insulin due to the removing of the old set.


I must say, this was not recommended to me by Medtronic or my doctor.  As always, proceed with caution and get doctor approval before doing such things.



Yeah, I have the same problem. It doesn't happen all the time. My explanation is that it takes a little while for the infusion set to "settle." Either way, I usually just check a couple hours later and bolus if I'm high. 

I change my site at night so i havent ran into that problem (i have higher basal rates at night so i dont see any highs). Change it during the time when you have higher basal rates and you wont have such severe highs.

I had this when I first went onto the pump.  I mentioned it to my DSN who said to increase the 'Fill Cannula' bolus (i.e. last stage of set up) from 0.5u to 0.9u - I did this, and have not really had a problem with it since.