High BS

Lately in the morning i've been really high 250-320 range. I'm getting frustrated, but then last night i forgot to do my basal dose (37u of Lantus) and this morning i was under 200. So i'm just getting angry and wondering how the heck i am so high when i take my insulin then more normal when i didn't (btw i didn't mean to skip my insulin but i was worn out and when i got home i went straight to bed.)

Interesting situation. I know I tend to wake up high in the morning, so I increased my basal at that time to cover it. Perhaps the dose of Lantus you are getting at night is too aggressive and you are waking up in a rebound? This is definitely something you should discuss with your doctor. Perhaps, try testing early in the morning (ie., 2 or 3am) to see where you are at that point. It might give you a better picture of what's going on. 

I totally know what it's like to be overly tired and forget to take insulin. When I'm home from school after working all day, I'm zoned out :P

so you can start off my checking bs before going to sleep and then again at the 3 AM hour.

if you are going low at nigh,t it can cause you to be very high in the early morning.  if this is happening to you it's called Somogyi effect.

a high fat dinner can cause a high blood sugar at +4 hours after the meal, even if you go to bed with bs in a normal range. 

too little overnight basal can cause your bs to trend upward all night long.

good luck