High fasting number

So Gavi's fasting number was pretty high this morning (compared to what it usually is). It was 152. But I found out, from Rafi, my older son, that Gavi ate a small chocolate coin about an hour before he was tested (they woke up pretty early this mornin, he ate it around 6am). A whole bag of chocolate coins, which has about 3-4 smaller coins and 1-2 bigger coins, has about 9 carbs in the whole bag. Could 1 small chocolate coin cause his number to be that elevated even though he ate it an hour before he was tested? We clean his finger with an alcohol wipe before every test, so there would be an extremely small chance there may have been chocolate on his finger when he was tested. He was tested around 7am, and they ate around 8am. I tested him again right before he ate and his number went down to 100. 

In my experience that is definitely possible. Just the other day Sarah ate a small cookie when she was somewhere in the mid 70's - and she ended up two hours later in the high 200's. And it makes sense that it would be high an hour or so later because chocolate has a lot of fat and causes bg to rise slowly.

That is very possible. I have noticed that if my daughter eats 1 little donut hole, she sky rockets into the 200's. Everyone's body is different so it is very possible.

I've had T1 since I was 4 and a half and I am now 24. My mom said if I snuck candy, she would always find out - and it was true! I have actually had chocolate coins, but I ate more than one, and my fasting was over 200. One could make it higher than what it usually is. 152 isn't bad, does your child's endocrinologist prefer it lower? I haven't had any education since 1990 and so much has changed since then. I wish I had those kind of numbers, mine are constantly between 200 and 400!!!

For me, the only way about 1 gram of carb would bring me up is because of major insulin resistance in the morning. (vs. a donut hole with around 10 grams which could def bring me up...). Maybe it was already on the higher side because of something else? These things sometimes just happen, like if there's a cold going around the house or a low that rebounded in the night...

The problem is, he's not full blown type 1 yet. He has positive antibodies (we found out in April of this year) and higher numbers lately. He's not on insulin yet. His usual fasting numbers are around 110 (give or take a few higher or lower numbers). Before today, his highest fasting number we've seen is 133. He doesn't always have a high after eating a small treat, but to have a (semi?) fasting number of 152 after eating one small chocolate coin seems kind of high. I guess we'll wait until tomorrow morning to see what happens. If it's high again I will get in touch with his endo.

My daughter sneaked two small squares of a large chocolate (Maribou. Yummy as heck.) bar the other night and she was over 400 in the middle of the night. She wouldn't admit it at first but later the next day I asked her and she started to try to hide a guilty smile. She has a new pump and we didn't know what the problem was. All the clues pointed to guilty once we saw later everything was operating correctly. 

Sometimes my fasting numbers are high too. But no higher than 150. Usually my fasting BG is 120's.