High high high grr grr grr

Rileys correction is normally one unit for every 50 over 150. Last night she was 406 grr so I gave her 4 units because it was just before bed. That brought her down to 364 a half hour later then a hour after that she was about 320. I just tested her in her sleep and she is 319! She was running high all day which is normal for her to do once a month. twice yesterday I had her down to 250 that was the lowest. I had her test for ketones and there was none she said.

So more than likely to keep her from going up and over 300 I am going to have to give her insulin every two hours. This is also typical but she has school today and my problem is do I keep her home or make her go? Not so much a question cause I know she is going to feel like crap today and not want to be there feeling like that. Plus by the time someone answers I am sure we will already be getting ready and heading out the door. I dont want her to think every time she is running high she gets to stay home but if she is running in the 400's she isnt going to get much done at school either. blah!! Guess I am more venting than anything else.

How frustrating!

Did she end up going to school?

She might be getting sick.  I don't usually have unexpected, untreatable highs unless I'm sick. 


She didnt and I got their insurance cards registered at the clinic. Since i had her there they got her in and I talked to the doc he is going to try and get her in with a Endo that just started a practice in town. He isnt sure he will take her because she is 10 tho. So we might have to stick it out with him for a while and he is glad to help us with her diabetic care.


I am positive its hormones. She has been doing this every month for a week or so since June. She seems to follow my cycle too. The doc said he has never seen such extremes but I make a good case for it being that lol. He upped her levemir during the week she is like this. I just get to be the one to guess when to lower it again lol. Loads of fun but I know there is no better way to go about it. He had blood drawn for her a1c's which she has yet to have so we shall see how that goes. There was a ton of other things on there too just to make sure all is well.  Oh and he is going to write her orders for me :) with the glucagon on there. I just have to drop off the paper for it and he will fax it right to the school for me :) again. He is going to see her again in 6 weeks to see how things are going.

Ok we bumped her levemir up 2 units instead of the 5 he recommended cause she is at the end of her weekly highs but I almost think I might keep her at this and see if it helps with some of her other highs. She isnt low enough ever for my to worry it will cause her to have lows. After days of being in the 300's and high 200's she is at 170 or was at 5 a.m. so yay for a number under 200 lol. This stuff is well hard to figure out sometimes.