High numbers sign of pregnancy?

I’m TTC and recently have been having high numbers. Can that be a sign of pregnancy? I am really worried because I’m having trouble getting them to stay down

It is possible, but it is also possible that you are simply experiencing the effect of progesterone which is higher in the luteal phase (after ovulation, before your next period comes), whether you are pregnant or not.

Are you tracking your cycles? If so, and it has been longer than your typical luteal phase, I would say take a pregnancy test. Either way, you should consider upping your basal rates a tad if you have these persistent highs. (This is easy to do if you are on a pump; if not, maybe you want to call your CDE or endo’s nurse for advice how to adjust your long-acting dose.)

I’m happy to chat more if you have questions related to what I wrote. I am also TTC and use a pump.

Hi, I am currently 20 weeks pregnant. Higher blood sugars were the first sign of my pregnancy. My numbers were very tightly controlled so the higher numbers were very abnormal. I was only a couple days late at that point. I took a test and was pregnant! I had to up my basal rate right off the bat. So far my A1C has been in the 5’s and I just had my 20 week scan and I am expecting a healthy baby boy! Please let me know if you are expecting too, I’m curious if others get highs at the beginning of pregnancy. Wishing you the best!