High Sugar "feeling"

The last couple of days i have had the feeling that my glucose was high, and I am really thirsty.  My mouth is very dry.  No matter how much I drink  I cannot get this to go away.  When I check my glucose, it is around 70, and sometimes even lower.  has anyone had this??

I did go for my first ultrasound last Friday, and all is well  Dr. has given me a Nov. 6th due date.  I am so excited.    Thanks to all that I have talked to via posting.  I look forward to sharing the next 8 months w/ everyone.



YES!  Actually in my first trimester I ALWAYS felt my BS was high and I was so thirsty all the time.  Granted I was very nausaus from weeks 6-11.  It was terrible this time around.  No matter how much water I drank, I always felt dehydrated.  Hang in there, by week 14 you should feel better.  Check often and even consider a CGM or Dexcom to track your levels 24/7. 

I am pregnant with #3.  I am due Sept 20th.  I have two beautifully healthy boys, ages 5 and 17 months. 

Good luck and best wishes!


I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and i have those issues too with feeling like i'm high when i'm really getting low. And for me, when i'm low i can't tell. When i take my glucose tabs or my blood sugar starts going up is when i'm then hit with all these feelings of lows. It's not fun but you're not alone. I've been trying to drink lots of water anyways, as well as having little crackers after 3 or so hours from eating to make my numbers stay and not go up or down.

@ Cassie,

I found that early in my pregnancy I got low often I suupose due to the energy your body is exerting for the growth of the baby.  Then things slowed down after 12-13 weeks and just a few weeks after starting the 2nd trimester, I feel hungry all the time and eat A LOT more than before,  I read that the baby doubles its size and weight around this time, hence the need for extra carbs and big appetite!

Good luck and best wishes to you ladies!


p.s.  I just found out that we are having a GIRL!  After 2 beautifully healthy boys, a girl is very welcome!


I'm 13 weeks pregnant and feel the same way! I always have dry mouth and at first I thought it meant I'm high.  Now that I know that's just a part of being pregnant, according to my endo and ob, I try to ignore the feeling and concentrate on the only other high/low feeling I still have that was not changed by pregnancy, headaches.  I have different types of headaches that tell me if I'm low or high.  All the other symptoms I used to have no longer apply because they are just things that happen because of pregnancy, like being hot, being tired, and being forgetful or clumsy.


You'll get used to it! Congratulations!!

i have the same thing happen to me all the time! I feel high most of the time even when I am normal and dont' feel lows til I am in the 40s... my educator said that was normal :( eesh