High sugar level symptoms showing at much lower levels now

My daughter has had trouble controlling her sugar levels recently and 2 weeks ago started peeing a lot, often every 20 mins after a couple of sips of water.

We thought it was a bladder infection but isn't and was told to keep her levels very low while drinking lots of water.

Also twice on recent visits to her nurse she has had high levels of sugar in her urine though her blood reading was normal.

And now all of a sudden the signs of being high, for her is severe nausea (of which she is phobic) along with peeing more frequently and a very bad headache is occuring at a much lower level, around 9, when it used to be 13.

She's freaking out this is going to be a permanent change now and I am wondering if anyone has any experience of this or if this has happened and then gone back to normal.

We are trying to avoid hospital as she is currently experiencing panic attacks over the nausea so it would be really helpful for any feedback or suggestions anyone might have.

Thank you.


As far as drinking a ton of water to keep blood sugars lower, if one drinks the water to lower a high blood sugar, it pushed the excess sugar through the kidneys. I just figured I'd throw that out there; I'm not sure if it pertains to your situation, but it could be worth asking about.

Was she just recently diagnosed?

I know that I start getting headaches and feeling sick when my blood sugar is anything over 7.5 now, but after I was first diagnosed (only just over a year ago)  I could feel nothing at like 15 because my body was used to having such high blood sugars.

I check my blood sugars ALOT and am very quick to correct with small amounts of insulin.  It's a pain in the butt to take more shots and check often, but I can't stand the headaches and nausea from being even a little high. 

I am not sure if she is on a pump or injections, but if she is having lots of these highs she may want to consider increasing her basal or bolus rates to avoid getting these little highs?

Good luck, hopefully she starts feeling better soon. 

Get her tested for celiac disease or an intolerance to gluten (it is pretty common for diabetics to have other immune issues like this.) Also check for an intolerance to milk or other foods.

Her panic attacks, nausea, her need for water, headaches, and sugar in her urine at a relatively good blood sugar; all of these can be a sign of a food intolerance or allergy.

Get to a dietitian or a pediatric gastroentronologist as soon as you can. I suffered with these symptoms for too many year of my life and don't like seeing others suffer with this.

My panic attacks disappeared after I changed my diet, as did the constant pain I was feeling, a lot of people on here can confirm their experience was somewhat similar to your daughters.