High sugars in early pregnancy?

Hello Everyone,

I believe that I may be pregnant because I am currently 9 days late, having symptoms, havent missed a period in over a year, and my sugars are a bit wacky. The confusing part is that I have had 3 negative tests and although I thought I was tracking my cycle properly I could be off a bit...

Has anyone else gone this long without their period, had negative tests, shown symptoms, had high blood sugars, and turned out to be pregnant? I am worried because obviously I want to make sure that I keep everything under control as early on as possible and though I did get the normal, slightly higher sugars right before I thought i would start, they are now way off and normally they would even out nicely when my period was over....

Is there any time when a blood test for pregnancy will say negative when you really are pregnant?


Home pregnancy tests can give false negatives at the beginning, so yes, you can be pregnant and the test will show negative at first.  You can give it a few weeks and re-test or see your doctor for verification.  

If you think you may be pregnant stop taking any ACE inhibitors like Lisinopril and contact your doctor.

I actually had more lows than highs at the beginning of my pregnancy, but we're all different.

Besides pregnancy other things can cause the symptoms you've had.  Are you unusually stressed or  have you had a schedule change?  Sometimes at different ages your period and PMS symptoms can change too.  

Nothing out of the ordinary...if anything I am less stressed than I have been in a long time...

I was late by 3 days when I found out and the only reason I took a test was because I am never late...The line showed up right away. My blood sugars when I first found out were better than usual actually, but, I didn't have a great a1c in the beginning it was 8.9... That was in February.

I would ask your doctor because like Jenna said something else may be going on. Your cycle sometimes changes during the year also. I remember over last summer my cycle changed and I didn't get my period till 10 after I was due which was a bit unusual for me and I did think I was pregnant at that time as well. But, I had forgotten that I tried a new anxiety pill .. and that was the culprit!

If you really think you are pregnant and that the test is wrong you should see the OBGYN they can tell you right away!