Higher education tied to rare form of diabetes

Thought this was kind of interesting.


Interesting. It kind of makes sense. Assuming some type 1's are caused by virus, kids are probably exposed to a lot more viruses in college where they're surrounded by a lot more people than they would be otherwise. More kids in college probably go to school sick (without a mom to tell them to stay in bed), and if they're living in dorms, they are exposed constantly to airborne viruses.

Well, at least I don't have to worry about this...I already have it!

thanks for posting that article

I was diagnoised with LADA after my first year of college. i never thought that there would be a connection.

very interesting


I think we are looking at this all backwards. Instead of saying college is the cause of diabetes, I think diabetics (and those who will become diabetics) are just smarter people and more likely to go to college. Did I mention good looking too?

In all seriousness this is an interesting article.




Haha Dan, interesting way of thinking!

I was never sick in college (surrounded by 40,000+ germy college kids) but working in an office of less than 100 people, I'm sick every other week. Explain that one to me!

It's also possible they're looking at this backwards because other studies have found T1 to be more common in middle / upper middle class communities. These are the people who would be more likely to go to college. So, maybe T1.5/LADA is the same?