Highest and lowest A1C

so im trying do to this survey for my speech class, and my topic is on diabetes(go figure). i want to put an average A1c and i really want acurate and to the point real people results. it would be soo great if you could asy your highest and lowest A1c, where it is now, and if you have ever been in dka, and also how long you have had Type 1 diabetes.

 my answers! 

highest:above 14:(

lowest: 7

yes ive been in dka

diabetic for 3 1/2 years



thnks fo the help guys and gals!

Dx'ed type 1 aug./08, a1c 13.2, in ICU, DKA. Lowest last 3 5.8

Highest :diagnosis 10 something

now and lowest 8.8

no dka

diabetic for exactly 9 months tomorrow!

Sarah's highest was 2 months after diagnosis (they didn't take one when she was diagnosed, which annoys me because now I want to know!) - and it was 7.9. Her lowest was 6.5. Latest was 6.8, but pretty sure we've improved since then.

highest: above 9 at diagnosis

lowest: 5.5

no ive never been in dka

diabetic for 3 years, 5 months and 2 weeks

Highest: 14.2 (at diagnosis)

Lowest: 6.7

Yes, been in dka

Highest: 9.8 Lowest: 6.7 I get my A1c checked again next week and *expect* for it to be less than 6.5! Yes, I've been in dka when I was diagnosed. I was 18 and went from being 102 lbs down to 82 lbs in just a couple weeks. Horrible time...

Highest: 15 (when I was a teenager)

Lowest: 5.1 (when I was pregnant)

Normal: 6.7 (it's been the same for the last 5 years)

Highest: 13 or 14? (the first year i was diagnosed)

Lowest: 7.5 (when I was on the pump and having extreme lows a MINIMUM of 3x a week, sometimes I'd have 3 or 4 in one day!)

Normal: 8-8.5

Never been in DKA.

My highest was 13 (first diagnosed) Then it went to 5.0 and i just recently had it checked again and it was 5.3.. And i have no clue how i do it... LoL

Highest: 9 something when Diagnosed

Lowest: 6.0

no i have not been in DKA that I know of

Last one was 7.7

13 years 5 mouths and 3 days

I am a newly diagnosed type 1.5  not yet Insulin dependent,  I was dx on Jan 6 2011 with an A1c of 10.7 then Feb 18 with an 8.5  then April 27 with a 6.0 than May 21 with a 5.2 Woo-Hoo I am doing everything I can to prolong the need of Insulin.

Highest  A1C at diagnosis: 15.2

Lowest   A1C: 5.3, currently 6.8

Never  had DKA.

Diabetic about 16 years.

Highest A1C was 10.2 at diagnosis

Lowest A1C was 5.4 at my last check up in March

Was DKA at diagnosis

I've been a diabetic for 1 year 9 months

Highest 8.5

Lowest 4.9

DKA once at 8.5

Lowest was during pregnancy

Currently at 6.9

Diagnosed in 1999

There were no A1c's during my first 35 years (1945-1979). My first A1c was in 1980, but my highest was 12  in a later year. The lowest was 5.4 in late 2010. My current one is 5.7. I have been T1 for 65 years. I din't know if I was DKA during my early years, I had never heard of DKA until the 1990s. I have not been DKA during the 1990-2011 years.

Highest: 13 at diagnosis :(

Lowest: 5.5

Average: 6 - 6.5

I've never been in dka.

Diabetic for 4 years, 8 months!

Highest 10.9 (college)

Lowest was 5.5 May 1997 (honeymoon period right after dianosed)

Diagnosed Jan. 1997 (14 years ago)

Most recent was 7.1

Not sure if I was in DKA when diagnosed, but have not been in it since

Highest: 15 (after 1st quarter at college) -

Lowest: 4.3

Normally right around 5 - last was 5.3

Diabetic since 4/11/1983 - now pumping w/ Omnipod and on the Medtronic Guardian CGM



highest: 12.8 (June 2010)

lowest: 7 (3 or 4 years ago..)

last: 9.2 (Jan 2011)

DKA: twice!! once last year and once freshman year (I'm a senior right now)

diagnosed Easter weekend at age 3.. :/

- Taylor Danielle. :)