Highs and Lows

Hey everyone,

Sometimes I cant always tell when im high or low. I usually have different syptoms almost everytime my bg is off. What are some ways you guys can tell before it becomes to much of a issue or really dangerous (especially when im with friends or at school)??

 If I feel weird I check my BG just to be sure. I've been diabetic for 25 yr. and on occassion I still can't tell whether I'm high or low. Do you carry a BG machine with you ? I have 2 machines (one touch ultra mini) 1 at home and 1 in my purse at all times. Would your friends or teachers be able to recognize your symptoms if something is wrong? If not,  explain what occurs and how they can help. That way if you become unable to help yourself, they'll know what to do. The more knowledge you arm people with, the quicker they can react to the situation. That's my personal opinion.

These are my symptoms

lows- sweating badly, numbness, confusion, hard to understand what I'm saying, blurred vision (inability to focus), irritation (moody), shaky

I use sunny delight (I hate the taste of real OJ) and BD glucose tabs to resolve lows.

highs- headache, blurred vision,dry mouth, drinking alot, go to bathroom alot, feel very tired.

I inject extra units of humalog .

I only have one meter but its always with me. And my friends can tell sometimes but not always, but my teachers are mostly blind when it comes to my diabetic problems though. They have all been slightly educated but i still dont think they completely get it. I will talk to my educator and doc at my next visit to see if i can set up a time for us all to sit down and let them in on some more things they should know.


I am the same way as you i cant tell when i am low though that is the only problem i have. by time i notice that i am low i am probaly mid 60's upper 50's.

I have this problem as well as of the past couple of years...I have been T1 for almost 14 years now, perhaps that has something to do with it..not sure. Anyhow - I have this problem more so at work than anywhere else - I work 12 hours shifts at a rehab facility and often times I think some of my problem stems from getting extremely busy and constantly walking up and down long hallways at work and just using up a lot more energy than I realize.. also, if I sometimes realize I may be getting a little low then get pulled into a patients room and stuck in there for a little while then pulled somewhere else to do something else before I know it I'm in the 40's. Thankfully for me I work with two nurses all the time that can often tell I'm low before I can. They say that they know because I don't put together coherent statements or that I just am acting 'weird'. If you can get your teachers to understand what is going on and to help you at least test when they think you're getting low then it would be such a big help - rather we want to admit it or not - sometimes we need those people in our everyday lifes to help us look after our independant, normal selves =)

Your so right and yea i will definetley try some of those things...Thankyou :)