Highs at night

So last night my bg was 419 which is very high for me, and I was so tired but I just got my pump about 3 weeks ago and I dont want to go to sleep when i'm that high because i'm worried if my pump will have any malfunctions or something might happen, any suggestions?

Hi Matthew- I’ve been pumping for 6 years and have only had one problem with my pump working and that was when I was trying to change the battery, in those 6 years of pumping I have only had problems with insulin delivery twice (both times it was my site not the pump, changing the stie solved the problem). TRY not to lose sleep over thoughts of your pump suddenly stopping :)

Thank you so much Tara, what kind of pump do you have?

Mini Med- U?

Minimed! so now i'm much more confident, thank you!

Hi, Matthew -

I am the mother of a 12 year old pumper. We started about 18 months ago (on the cozmo, now switching to animus).  We have not had difficulties with pump malfunctions over night either, but our endo advises that if you go to bed with an unexplainable high BG, you wake up and test 2-4 hours after your nightime test. If you are still abnormally high, inject to bring you into your target range, and change your site in the morning. When you get inexplicable highs on your pump it is usually the site or a tangle in the tubing, and not the pump itself, in our experience. I am Canadian, and we use a different BG measure system, so I'm not sure how high 419 is. If changing the site does not help, contact your pump rep or customer service ASAP and discuss it with them.

FYI, There is a great forum for pump users called Parents-of-Pumpers@insulin-pumpers.org. You can submit questions, and get great first hand experience from people who have been pumping for ages; it is especially useful when starting out on the pump. DO you also have the book "Pumping Insulin"? It's a great resource.

Good luck!


Your welcome, hope it helps ease your mind some. Please let me know if you ever have any other questions!

Thank you I will and it definately does!