Highs with Crossfit Workouts

I used to do crossfit last May - August and never had a problem with highs after working out. I took 8 months off due to a shoulder injury and I am back at it again. I am now having very high HIGHS. The past week after a workout I have been in the 300’s and I am assuming that it is adrenaline but, I am not sure. Has anyone else had this problem? Did you put a temp basal before or after workouts?

I’ve never done Crossfit but have experienced post-workout highs at times. My current exercise protocol is:

  1. Eat Dinner
  2. Take 2/3 of my pump’s suggested bolus to cover the meal
  3. Set a 75% temp basal for 3 hours
  4. Wait 30-60 min after eating for food to settle and BG to start to rise.
  5. Leave pump on during exercise
  6. Watch CGM like a hawk during and after exercise for any unexpected highs/lows. I will typically drop some before the exercise is over.
  7. Correct if/as needed.

God, I am SO envious of people who can just decide to go to the gym on a whim and change their clothes and go like it’s no big deal! If I don’t plan on going hours in advance it’s useless!


I know what you mean the planning is a pain. I hate getting up early too so I have two things against me when i have to be there at 9am LOL Up by 7am eat, get dressed etc… 8am make sure i put a temp basal for an hour. Eating in the morning is my biggest issue because I hate it!!!

Hi Gina! I do Crossfit too and I LOVE it! To me, it’s so hard to know how to bolus or set a temp basal because I don’t know what kind of workout we’re doing until I get there. If it’s more cardio, then I’d hate to have a higher temp basal rate already going, but if it’s low reps/high weights, then I’d hate not to! It’s tough! I just attended a Talking Type 1 event yesterday and heard Gary speak about managing BG while exercising. One thing that stuck with me is when he said that lows are treated more quickly and easily than highs. I’m going to shoot for a lower-range BG and snack throughout and see how that goes.


Whoooo HOOOO!! Another crossfit girl!

Let me know how it goes! I have been taking a bolus right after working out and it seems to be helping. But, you are right it depends on the workout. More weights I am higher after, more cardio i am lower after. My coach posts the WOD the night before so I pretty much can tell if I need a small bolus before or even during. But, sometimes it looks easier and much more intense than I thought it was so its really tough to figure out.

The more I exercise cardio - the higher my BG goes - then 1 one later I crash === I usually suspend, but you need sugar to burn to work out.

I just know one thing: being diabetic is a pain- livable- but I don’t go swimming or hot tub or polar plunge as I don’t want to change my CGM’s and infusion sites every other day.

I sometimes want to stop the pump thing and just do shots again … i would have more fun!

T1 43 years CGM 12 years?

I am also a cross-fitter, T1D for 31 years. I go high after the strenuous, high weight work outs too. Any cardio that gets my heart pumping, I have to worry about lows. The June 2010 edition of The CrossFit Journal had an article by Catherine Cochran, who is one of the first T1D crossfitters, also a cross fit coach, and a blogger. She did a very good job in the article of explaining why we go high after some workouts and not others, and also how she handles them. I also like the book Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook: Your guide to peak performance by Sheri R. Colberg, PhD. She addresses the same issue in the book, but it’s MUCH longer than an article ;-).

Also, I take my pump off for the workout (but I never go more than an hour), and then do a lower temp basal after if we did a lot of cardio. If I see that I am spiking (I use a CGM) I start a higher temp basal but watch it very carefully. The highs seem more unpredictable for me than the lows, in terms of knowing when they will happen by the type of workout.

I do weight training. Haven’t tried crossfit. My hubby is actually my personal trainer. I have found that if I have a low carbs protein shake (the gym I go to has a shake thing for protein aminos and other supplements and they know how to make low carbs ones especially for me) I still will have a slight raise but nothing significant and it drops back down about a half an hour afterwards without correction. I generally go right after breakfast on days off or right after dinner after work.