I'm Abi, I joined today.. things haven't been easy recently and they just seem to be getting harder by the day. I'm 14, nearly 15. been diagnosed two years. is anyone similar?

Thanks. x


Welcome. There are many places to meet people on here, to chat, and share what you are going through. It may take them some time, but there are many people your age who are in the same boat. Recently diagnosed and still trying to get their heads on straight. Granted it was many years ago when I was first diagnosed, but it was roughly at the same age as you were at diagnosis. While things may not always go according to our plan, they usually will right themselves. If you give those out there some time, you will run into so great people. Welcome and good luck.

Hey Abi,

I'm 20, but on October 11, I will have had diabetes for three years. Even though I am older than you, I feel your pain. The last year has been a really hard year for me and I've just been in this stage of denial. It's hard because most people do not understand what you have to go through. Like I've had people make comments to me about things and I just want to yell at them because they have absolutely no idea. Just make sure you do one thing, always take care of yourself. This summer I was in the hospital because I wasn't taking care of myself. This summer I realized that not only do you have to take care of yourself for you, but remember all the loved ones around you who care about you and need you. Yes, having diabetes sucks, yes you just want to be normal, but we aren't. But, we are strong enough to handle it because if we weren't, it wouldn't have happened to us. I know it's hard..but you can do it. If you ever need to talk or complain or whatever just message me or something! It's always nice to have someone and this website has been so helpful!

Someone who cares!