Hit with a ton of bricks!

So earlier today I was at work, and as usual I tested around 4:30-ish before I head home at 5.  I had just been to the endo and know I really need to use different sites or more fingers for testing, since I have calluses on my favorite fingers... I was in "how can I improve, let's find something new!" mode, so I decided to test with my pinky.  Pricked my finger (it HURT!) and tested.  No more than maybe 20 seconds later, and I'm seeing stars and feel sick like I'm going to faint.  I sat slouched at my desk with my head back on the chair, probably looking white as a ghost, for maybe 20 minutes.  I was sweating up a storm and felt like puking.  I eventually got to the point where I felt better enough to call my husband and have him pick me up from work on his way home.  I wasn't about to drive in that condition.


Has this ever happened to anyone else?  Maybe I hit a nerve or something?  I've had this sort of thing happen before when I get blood drawn at the doctor, but never so severe!  And my poor little pinky is STILL throbbing.

I don't know about the reaction, but for your pinkie you can try going down a setting on your lancet. With my onetouch lancet that I usually keep on 2, i put it down to 1 a lot of times. That's what I usually do whenI test on my pinkie. Hope it helps!!


That is very weird to hear about. I have never run into that problem before in my life. I test on most of my fingers without much problem. Granted my pinkies are probably the most sensitive of all. You may have hit a nerve but I have never heard of something so severe happening. I would call your doctor just to ask about it and avoid your pinkie at least. If you don't use it already I would use your thumb. It seems to be a little thicker for myself and I don't seem to feel as much pain.

Good luck.

That does sound pretty weird..not sure if this has anything to do with it but could it have something to do with you never using your pinky before?  It's the most sensitive finger and maybe you weren't used to the increased pain since it hasn't had a chance to callus over?  I use my pinky with no problem but every now and then if i prick it too hard or use a higher setting on my pricker by mistake it still hurts and I get that throbbing feeling for a little while.