Hi my name is Amber and I was diagnosed in April 2007 my freshman year of high school, it was something I struggle with even to this day, but anyways before I got diabetes I was around 120 and now Im 155 and I really dont know how to comtrol my eating because I feel like ever since I got type 1 diabetes Im never satisfied, I've been working out and trying to supress my appetite but its still not working and I was wondering if anybody has any advice or helpful hints

Do you have an Insulin Pump? If you do that is one of the "side effects" of having on I have one and have gained almost 50 pounds since having it. I am in the same boat as you I feel hungry all of the time, I don't know what to do about being hungry all the time tho.

Ask your doctors about an insulin called Symlin it is supposed to help with feeling hungry and curb your appetite and have less spikes in your blood sugars when you eat. I think you take it two or three hours before you eat Don't quote me on that! Maybe someone else on here takes Symlin hopefully they will be able to give your more insight and tell you more about it.

Symlin is actually a synthetic version of the hormone amylin, its not insulin. Its made in the beta cells like the insulin so from what I understand, with Type 1, our beta cells don't work right so we don't get amylin either. Amylin is the hormone that makes your body feel full when you're eating (that one I'm not sure about), but I do know that when you eat, and your body triggers the pancreas to start making insulin, it also releases amylin to tell your body to stop making insulin temporarily.

Heres the website for them. I'm working on getting my drs to put me on it.



Before I was diagnosed, I weighed 155 lbs and now I'm 188 lbs and struggling to lose weight. Although between work, school, and my 2 year old, I'm down from 205. So it can be done. When I eat an appropriate sized meal, sometimes I'm still hungry, I've been trying to drink more fluids and sometimes that helps. I always carry water with me now. So I don't tend to eat as much and I stay better hydrated than I've been in my whole life. 


I also gained about 15 pounds after diagnosis. The thing the changes my weight was getting a pump.  I went from a size 10 to a 6 without trying to lose weight.  People kept telling how much weight I was losing.  I think it really decreased my lows and I didn't have to eat as much when I wasn't hungry- chasing insulin all the time.  If you are injecting I would suggest a pump would be great for you to try.  Insulin does make you hungry and usually when we are diagnosed we have some making up to do in the weight department.  All the best!