HMO vs. PPO for Type 1's

So, I have a question about Insurance HMO or PPO plans.  I have insurance through my husband's work and his HR person advised him to switch to a PPO plan once the baby is born because it would be more beneficial to a "family" situation.  However, when I spoke to my primary care physician, she said that it was better for me to stay on an HMO plan because the medical bills would be more affordable in the long run since I will always need continuous care for the diabetes.  My PCP said that on an HMO, I do not have to deal with yearly deductibles and all I would have to pay for is the co-payment for office visits & prescriptions and a percentage for hospital care.  She said, it may be a hassle to deal with the in-network referrals, but that is a small price to pay than to have to pay like $200 or more for each visit, etc.

My sister had her family on a PPO plan as well and said it was good for them because she could pick whatever provider she wanted.  Now, I am confused.  Which plan is best for us Type 1 diabetics, an HMO or PPO plan?

This post is so old but I still have to reply.  

PPO is horrible.  My work used to have an HMO.  It was fabulous.  I went to my appts, got my meds, even had a baby without paying an extra penny.  Went to PPO and OMG.  I have medical bills everywhere.  I have zero complications but just doctor visits, meds, every blood test, I had another baby, holy cow, I'll be paying the bills for all of the special tests, ultrasounds, constant stress monitoring, till my son is 18.  I recently went on the pump.  I still had to pay $3,600 out of pocket after insurance paid its portion.  

Really, I've never been so stressed in my life.  Not sure what to do or how to pay these bills.