Gina's question about what month we were diagnosed got me thinking.  I saw that she was diagnosed on Nov 25th and the first thought in my head was I hope that was after Thanksgiving!  (sorry Gina - I've read your blog, just not all of it, YET, so don't know if you've mentioned it before :)  )  My dx was in Sept so my first holiday was Thanksgiving and I remember being a very angry little 10 year old with T1- having to weigh and measure everything and having my exchanges - 2 breads, 2 protein etc etc - I didn't know about carb counting back in '79!  Follow that with Christmas and you get the point.  After that year, I was used to it.  I'd like to hear other's experiences with their first holiday or birthday.

I was just diagnosed this past december 7th, so very soon after I had to deal with holiday meals for both hanukka and christmas!! it was very difficult for me because my mom makes the BEST holiday cookies, and this year I had to control myself so sucked =(.

My next holiday was my birthday - my mom had already sent me bags and bags of candies. i kept them for lows, mostly, and shared with my friends some.


I started carb counting three days after getting out of the hospital, so i pretty much kept eating what i had been eating before.

I was dx in April so at least I have 6 months to adjust before my 1st holiday, but it still didn't make it any easier to deal with. I remember my mom didn't make any of my favoriates because she knew I couldn't have them. So holidays have never really been the same since, but of course by now I've gotten used to it.

I to remember having to measure and weigh everything and figure out my exchanges - breads, proteins, fats etc. for the meals.

As far as the bday's go I already have one of the worst ones of the year, December 30th. So it's always been hard so when the bday rolls around it just makes it a little harder.



I was diagnosed at the end of February, so my first holiday was Easter.  Wasnt too bad except for the cake I made.  I always make this Spring cake so of course I had to have a little!

I was diagnosed January so I lucked out. I mean I guess my first "Holiday" was Valentines day all those candy hearts and such. In High School I was a heartbreaker (snicker) so I had to throw out sooooooo much candy. Oh, I crack myself up. No one else I am sure, but myself I do.

I was diagnosed a month before my 13th birthday, and considering that was my biggest birthday at the time and my parents had already made reservations, we all went to a really fancy restaurant. I was still on shots and not handling it well. I remember sitting on the bathroom floor holding the needle and crying because all I wanted was to eat my cake like a normal kid. However, when I finally got the courage to give my insulin and go back to the table, the waiter noticed and made me a bouquet of paper roses along with my dessert.