With fall comes school, and with school comes homework. Oodles of it.

Who else is stuck hitting the books right now?

Me!!!!!!!!! Last night I had like 3 hours of homework and it's just the 3rd week of school.

It's the 2nd day of mine, and I'm already swamped!

Alyssa, I feel you. I had to read and take notes on a 20 page chapter in my AP US History textbook, do a three page packet of stuff for pre-calculus, take a pre-test for economics, and start working on a story for newspaper- all on the first night. Tonight isn't any better. I am ready for this year to be over so I can be a senior! Ugh.

I don't know why people get excited to go back to school. You have to wake up extremely early and get tons of homework. I don't get it.

Oh, and I forgot to add in my homework from child psychology coming up.

I go to school for four hours, then work for six hours then do hoemwork til I go to bed. Talk about the life.

I go to school for 8 and a 1/2 hours. Ya'll have short school days!

Mine are not short, I assure you, and they squish as many classes into each day as humanly (and possibly even inhumanly; I still don't know how they/we do it) possible.

This weekend, I was planning on hitting a football game with some buds, but those plans are dead. Tonight I've got a date with 80 pages of AP Euro History (LOL, Sarah! We both took the same kind of history, but different location ;P) and then the junk from all my other classes. So, no football for me :(

I have to write and essay about some story we read. Then I have to write a paragraph with three reasons why I wrote that essay. Then I have to read the whole "I Have A Dream" speech which is 16 minuets. Then I have to answer all these questions about it. After that I have to read the "Gettysburg Address" and answer questions about it. I also have like three pages of vocabulary I have to do. Then I have to read for 30 minuets which doesn't really bother me. After that I have to study for a science test, math test, social studies test. Oh yeah then I have 40 algebra problems then I have to practice my flute.

I don't see how they stuff all the classes we have in one day. In my class there are 137 students. The school is only supposed to hold 700 but we have like 1,000 students. This is just a middle school. lol. The high school is way over crowded too. Sucks for me! lol. I guess no party for me.

No life for any of us :P Perhaps that life can consist of comiserating via Juvenation.

Do you attend a private or public school? That seems pretty intense for public, if you ask me.

It's public. I used to go to private. Private school was ok. We had more homework and I was way ahead of everyone when I started to public school. I learned to write in curcsive in Kindergarden and I also learned math in Kindergarden. Instead of EOG's in private school we had SAT's. They were really hard but I always seemed to pass them.

Wow - Brit's a brain! Way to go! I've never taken, even practice, SATS - so for you to have taken them in Kindergarden makes me look like a bran muffin next to a donut :) Said donut would be you! Although I'm glad for you, smartypants!

Haha! Yeah I'm a real brain. You should see my head it's huge. It looks like Sheen's head on Jimmy Neutron when his brain keeps growing! lol. I don't think I'm really that smart but who knows. Last year I got the award for Language Arts because I had the highest grade. I had like a 102 or something. This year already my Language Arts grade is 104! Yay! lol. I'm also in the beta club but probably not for long. lol. I bet your just as smart as me. You should see my smartypants. Their so cool. lol. I can send you a pair. They look like this



I would love some smarty pants :)

I wouldn't say I'm oober smart. I take advanced classes and score well, but. Personally I believe I'm just opinionated - and that may very well be what gets me through, for example, symbolism in English class, history debates, school...

I hate having to get up infront of alot of people and presenting a project. I have one going now where we have to do a puppet show about the Culture of the Paleo Native Americans. I mean come on? Are you serious a puppet show? I would rather give an oral report than do a puppet show.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Act 3 Pirate-Themed Puppet Show in 9th grade is more emberassing. I assure you, Brit.

Haha! That would suck. But seriously the Paleo Native Americans. Today we looked at pictures of them and the priest looked like pregnant woman. Everybody was calling him a she. My teacher said we could just call him a shim. lol.

Ahaha. Ah, interesting??

i guess im lucky. so far, since the start of this year, which is 3 days, i have had this for homework:

sign a course outline sheet for french and science

study for a test on the ___ saw. i forget what its called. its really dangerous. its called something like a miller saw or carpenters saw.

do 2 hours of stuff in french outside of and not included in school work. i have like 2 more weeks for that. im watching a movie! easiest A ever! then write 3 perfect sentences on it. using a dictionary! oh, and the sentences can be: it was great. i liked the end. i cant wait for the next one.

read a book(recomended 150 pages) in french and prepare a 5 minute presentation on it. i have 3 weeks for that. easy!

make a map of the sciance room and the safety supplies it contains.

study for a science test(multi choice and short answers)

study for 2 french tests that dont count.

most of the stuff took 5 minutes to do! or less.

Alyssa, I was going to take AP Euro instead of APUSH, but my newspaper class is the same period as APE. )=

I really wanted to take APE because I think European history is more interesting than US, and the teacher is better, but that didn't work out. We could have studied together over Juvenation! (=

Courtenay, what grade are you in? I miss those days when I had less that two hours of homework every night! And those are the good nights- normally I have more. Ugh. And I've got Chemistry and Advanced American Lit. coming up next trimester on top of all these classes.

I told myself that this year I'm not going to procrastinate (I did that A LOT last year). I haven't yet. Haha, we'll see how long that lasts. (=