Honey Moon Phase

Hello everyone, new here. My 3yr old daughter was diagnosed with T1D two months ago and according to her Doctor, we have entered the honeymoon phase about a week ago. We haven’t received our Dexcom g6 yet, we’re currently using the Libre so I’m getting very little sleep since I’m constantly up checking to make sure she isn’t low. We have been adjusting her insulin trying to find a dose that doesn’t constantly make her low but no luck yet. I’m very curious as to how everyone else with toddlers dealt with this and how long it lasted.

@Agerard1 hi Ashley,

sorry to hear about your daughters recent diagnosis and welcome to the Type One Nation forum.

if she’s making her own insulin (honeymoon) and you are finding she’s going low at 4 hours after a meal, then it may be that for a little while, she might not need any insulin.

Honeymoon is temporary, many people start to make insulin again once they start injecting insulin. Over time it goes away and she’ll be completely dependent on insulin. I do not know if the doctor has her on long acting insulin yet. or mixed insulin. If she’s on long lasting and if you are getting low (check with her doctors but low, to me, is below 59 mg/dl) and you are injecting 1 unit or less, then it is my opinion to just not inject any for meals… Lows are tricky in 3 year olds and no one wants her to pass out.

Her doctor need to know what is going on to help adjust safely. I am offering my opinion based only on 40 years experience treating type 1.

the libre (or any cgm for that matter) can give you an idea of blood sugar, but it is possible for it to read low without her actually being low. Please consider a finger stick to confirm the libre readings.

a snack with fats, such as cheese or nuts with crackers, is a longer lasting carbohydrate and can really help for the overnights if she is not allergic.

The book “Think Like a Pancreas” is a excellent starter and while there is a lot to learn, you will be an expert soon enough.

Hope you are getting all the help you need.


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A Dexcom 6 will abate ur fears. Set the alarm :rotating_light: on High have a baby Montier in ur room and hers.

Next an Omnipod is ur Savor.

You will be able to adjust and adapt to her body Cycle Example: From 8 am to 6 pm I am 90. From 6-8 pm I am 60From **8-12 am I am 55 and u can Suspend for time if needed
12-2 am 65 etc. just find out her body cycle

Good Luck :shamrock::shamrock::rainbow::pray::two_hearts: