Honeybee venom and severe low blood glucose

I keep bees-two hives. I have been stung 3 times in the last 2 years. The pain and later itch isn’t the problem. Delayed severe lows is. I have gotten a delayed (24 to 32 hours later) rapid fall in my blood sugar. The first time it was 2 AM. I had to eat a whopping 60 grams of glucose to get it up to 100. GU works great. ( about 10 times what I normally take to raise blood sugars). I was about to call the paramedics when it started rising. I was watching my cgm and using a glucometer every 5 minutes. A Google search cited studies where honeybee venom has been used experimentally to lower blood sugar!!! Otherwise I would not have known what was happening to me . After 55 years with type 1, nothing like this had ever occurred.
This is only applies to honeybee venom, not wasps or yellowjackets. Also, if you scrape the stinger off immediately, you will minimize how much bee venom you receive from a sting.
Just FYI. I hope none of you get stung but at least you can be forewarned.

Thank you. So far I’ve never been stung but this is good to know. Thank you for keeping bees - I understand they are crucial for the environment.
What is GU?

GU is a gel glucose that comes in a small pouch. Rather disgusting but it works amazingly fast, faster than anything else I have found. There are other brands too I think Cliff Shots is another Sold online and sporting goods stores.

Bees are so amazing. We could learn a lot from their cooperation with each other.

Thank you. I discovered Cliff Bloks at my local sporting goods store. I like the taste and texture and they work well for me. Sounds like they’re from the same “family.” Stay well!
BTW, there is now an inhaled product available by rx now to help with low glucose. Does the same as glucagon but is easier to administer (if needed) even for a passer-by not familiar with the product. I can’t think of the name but if I find it later I’ll post it.