Honeymoon ending gradually?


I was wondering if the honeymoon periiod typically ends gradually.  My son was diagnosed 4 and a half months ago.  We need to make almost daily adjustments to his ratios lately (increases).  Does this mean his honeymoon is slowly coming to an end?  Can I expect more stability to his ratios after the honeymoon has ended or is this life with T1?

Thank you.

It may be honeymoon ending or could also be a growth spurt.  Don't stress about it, just adjust the dose.

Insulin needs will increase as your son grows.  Even as an adult he still may have a tweak dose every once in a while.  

my son had the same thing happened two weeks ago for about three to four days. and went back to the same dose.  Lately we had to adjust down his morning and evening doses (decrease). No one seem to be able to give us any answers why, not even the nurse.  

I'm not licensed to give you medical advice (though I'm in nursing school now with hopes of becoming a diabetes educator when I "grow up") but sounds to me like your son was either fighting off a cold or other infection.  It will lead to a random blood sugar spike that lasts for a few days.

Or he could be like me, eating vast amounts of Christmas treats.  My insulin dose always goes up a bit at this time of year.