Honeymoon experiences

NOT wedding honeymoon experiences.  Diabetes honeymoon experiences.  What I want to hear about is transitions out of the honeymoon stage.  How long after dx?  How obvious was the transition?  How did the pancreas completely giving up the ghost demonstrate to you?

My son was dx'd in April with an A1C of 13.4.  He was 11.6 three weeks later.  In July he was 6.4 and today he was 6.6.  We know he's working hard at control, but we also know that his pancreas is helping out.  His carb ratio for humalog is 1 to 15.  (Or 1 to 20 for supper on dance nights)  He takes 13 units of Lantus.

I'm just curious what he might experience down the road when his pancreas completely fails on him.

I've been diabetic for 12 years and my dosing and sliding scale has basically stayed the same...sometimes having to increase or decrease the ratios. Really how much insulin he will need when growing up with fluctuate on different varriables like eating more, exercise, hormones, etc. When I was in my first year after dx my ratio's for humalog were 1 to 15 carbs and then 2 years after being dx i was put on the pump, my ratio became 1 to 10 for most meals and has stayed that way for 10 years. So I wouldn't worry too much about a drastic change in needs for insulin but he'll defintely need some more most likely!


I never had a honeymoon period. I was full blown from day 1. But, from what I have heard from friends is that you know exactly when the honeymoon is over. The numbers really change and there can be little or drastic changes depending on the case. It is however trial and error so the way you figured it out at diagnosis you will figure it out again when the honeymoon is over. And it will also change due to hormones as well so whatever your son is on now is definitely going to change over time anyway.

What helps is him being so active I bet. The closer you are to better control I think the longer you can probably hold on to t he honeymoon but, don't quote me on that.

Hi Angie,

From what I can gather everyone is different no one honey moon phase.  My oldest son was diag at 10 he stayed in the honeymoon phase for a full two years.  My daughter was diag less than three months later at 3 she only stayed in the honeymoon phase for about 6 months.  You will know beyond any doubt when the honeymoon phase ends my oldest even shocked the doctor we saw it clear as day when we printed out the meter data. It happenned over a two week time frame. His A1C was always below 5.9 after the inital diag then it shot up to 7.1 in three months. My son had a very hard time with it he thought he was doing something wrong the doctor was so great he explained to him it was not him it is just how this disease works.  The best advice I can give don't worry so much about how much insulin he takes just that he takes the correct amount.  When my son's honey moon ended he was like noway I am not eating that is way to much to dose for. Now he fully understands not to look at the insulin units but the right amount of insulin for the carbs he is eating.  I wish I had more information but this disease constantly changes just when we think we have it somewhat under control something changes. The good news it keeps us humble and always grateful for good days. 


I was just wondering the same thing.  We have been able to cut out all but the dinner shot of the short acting and have reduced the Lantus nighttime shot by 2 units due to the honeymoon period.  Prior to tonight Drew has been hovering around 90-100 at night, but tonight he was 203 at 9pm and 183 at 2am.  Either he did something screwy with his dinner shot (he ate Pizza) or we may be out of the honeymoon period.  I think it is probably the pizza, it seems to affect him more than any other food he eats.  Guess we will find out over the next few days!  Good Luck!


i was d-xed in april and my honeymoon ended in early july. i started going high all of a sudden.. i went form 11 units of lantus to 23 units in like a month! i'm on a pump now though

i think i was in the high 100s for a week and then 200s, 300s, 400s, the occasional 500....

it was in the middle of diabetes camp and hockey camp and i was active then so they knew it was over.

i started getting all of the high symptoms but they wouldn't go away. and whenever i was in normal range i felt really low and like i was going to pass out (i never did)

i had small-moderate ketones a lot

that's all i remember...

and the whole being a teenager and going through a huge growth spurt that involved me growing 2 shoe sizes didn't really help the end of the honeymoon according to the CDE

Like Gina, I don't think I ever even had a honeymoon period. My insulin doses were pretty consistent since diagnosis (age nine). Now, once I hit puberty and all of those hormones started acting up, that's another story. My insulin needs skyrocketed.