Honeymoon help?

My 6-yr old was Dx’d about 2 mos ago, and for the last few weeks, her pre-dinner sugar has been higher than post-dinner (1-1.5 hrs later). We’re down to one unit before dinner, and still. So 2 days ago, the Dr. said to try skipping pm insulin completely. We did, and bedtime BS was 273. Following directions, we did nothing & she went to sleep. AM BS was 139. Then yesterday her pre-dinner BS was 239, so I gave her one unit. She ate (maybe 50g carbs, not huge, but not light, either), she played outside, and bedtime BS (2hrs after dinner) was 90. So she had a small snack (20g), & went to bed. AM was 150. I feel like we’re always chasing: too high, over-correct, too low, over-correct; repeat. Help!

Sorry, more background: we’re doing Novolin injections, 6 or 7 units (6 seems to be too little, 7 too much; waiting on half-unit syringes from the pharmacy) before breakfast and either 1 or maybe now none before dinner. Started w/ much more, of course, but she became super-well-controlled a week or 2 into Rx, hitting 80-140 almost every time. Then she started having lows at school, & lower than the 130 they want before bed, and we started dialing her doses back to where they are now. And I should add that bedtime is only 1-1.5 after dinner, and we don’t want to be doing bedtime snacks: they keep her up and then rebound her sugar too high in the AM.