"Honeymoon"period how long does it last

My sons still in his honeymoon and lately I have noticed the same carbs count to insulin is not keeping his blood sugars down.Does this mean he is coming out of the honeymoon stage?What should we exspect?Thanks for any answers Marcella

The honeymoon period is different for some people. Mine lasted for over 8 months, but others I know it is not that long.

While the carb count could be off if the honeymoon is ending, has your son been less active due to the winter weather and stuff, because less activity if your son was normally active could affect things. If he is coming out of the honeymoon though, you will most likely need to start adjusting his rates and counts. However, that is where your doctor comes into play. What are you using right now for your son? Pump? Syringe? If so what type of insulin, lantus and novo/humalog?

  • My sons honeymoon lasted for 1 1/2 years which was the best time thru it all.
  • once his honeymoon was getting towards the end his numbers started going all over the place. You will know when it happens. Call your doctor and he or she will
  • help you thru this period.


Nicholas is taking Lantus and Humalog pens and now that you mention it he is less active lately because of a lot of snow in our area.Thank you for your reply.

from what i have been told... coming out of honeymoon is usually a sudden increase in insulin requirements. And usually your doctor can tell whether your son is coming out of honeymoon based on the amount of insulin he is taking and the amount of insulin typically required for someone his age. If this isn't the case... it's probably just other factors ie. less activitiy.

Sounds like he is coming out of the honeymoon period. I know at my diagnosis I was given an insulin injection, but then I had my honeymoon period where I was able to get away with taking insulin pills. I think my honeymoon lasted about one month before I became dependent on injections. You don't want to have him have too many high blood sugars because he could go into DKA, so definitely get in touch with your doctor. He/she will know best what type of regime to start your son on next! Good luck! :)

My honeymoon barely lasted 3 months!

My son's honeymoon lasted almost a year and half....sounds like he is coming out of it...


My son never experienced the "honeymoon period"...


Yes his honeymoon is probably starting to change.  My 5 year old was in a honeymoon for over a year.  Truthfully it is so much easier to manage than during the honeymoon!  We had a pump at that point and adjustments were easily made.  We also have cooky sugars will illness, growth (we postulate), inactivity and changes in diet. Hold on for the ride it could be or it might not be but my guess is that it is. Best of luck


Marcella, as you can see from these responses, the honeymoon period is different for every patient.  My daughter's lasted close to two years.  Suddenly she began having very high BG readings that were difficult to get under control, and after numerous frantic calls to her doctor and the endo team we cranked up her pump settings.  Your son's doctor will doubtless run a C-peptide test at his next checkup to confirm whether he is making any insulin on his own.  Hang in there - it was a roller-coaster for us for a few weeks, but things are better now. 

My honeymoon stage lasted one year and I got diabetes at age 7. I think it varies for everyone though.