Honeymoon Phase

Hello, has anyone been through the honeymoon phase or is currently in it now? My doctor said it will eventually happen just wanted to see some testimonies.

Hey again Sara-

Honeymoon is usually the first months/years after diagnosis when the body is still producing a noticeable amount of insulin.  Sounds great, but it can make it difficult to dose and cause unexpected lows.  People notice it's over when their insulin needs increase a lot.  You can also have a c-peptide test done.  C-peptides are amino acids that are a byproduct of insulin being produced.  


      I have one year of diabetes type one, everything seems to be quite  the same with my blood glucose 100- 120 before meals and it rises to 160-180- 220 max after meals.

       I have few lows-55-60 because I know how to prevent them now, by eating the fruit at the right moment, before to come the low bg.I have some periods of time of  3-6 weeks when my bg was quite like normal , 125 after  the meals, using insulin..This happened after 8 months.I use Humalog mix 25 , two times a day, 8 and 4 units.

       I will have another schedule soon with Novorapid and Lantus   because I need more flexibility and I dont like those 180s after meals.

       C-peptide was almost to the lowest normal range at the beginning of insulin treatment, after half of year it lowered a little bit. I red that the honeymoon phase is longer if you have exactly the amount of insulin you need,not in excess, that mean avoiding insulin resistance given by lack of exercise, greasy foods, to much sleeping during daytime or lack of sleep during the night, and especially the stress, the big enemy. You may need less insulin if you exercise.

I don't think i had a real honeymoon. I have had diabetes since 1 and a half year.

but my doses have always been the same. Sometimes i notice some improvement.

Today i had a chocolate bar that had just 18 gs of carb and 18 g of fat as well and guess what i took just 1 unit of lispro, and two hrs later my blood sugar became 181, it was 208 pre meal.

Helen, please, take care with those 208 pre meal! It would be better to keep your bg under 180 any time, 160 or less, discuss with your doctor.Some doctors say that everything that is more of 140 can lead to those bad complications of diabetes in time.Bg before meal has to be in normal range.

I have a question: for type 2 does exist honey moon phase? I know they still have their own insulin , but the cells can t receive it properly.

the honeymoon phase doesnt usually happen in type two diabetics.

@ Helenlovesyou, I eat chocolate as well, just a couple of times a week, since i dont have any other sweets and barely an fats. exercise can help you lower those 208 before meals. The only bad part about taking insulin and exercising is that your body stays in that fat burn moment for 24 hrs after initially exercising so it will definitely drop your bg. After running for 40 minutes, my sugar dropped to 49 three times that one week.

       Sara, maybe it would be a good thing to test your bg before running and if you have less than 100 you should eat 10 of fast ch and after 20-30 min check again and if necessary eat again fruit, sweet drinks,10ch. Take 10-20% less regular insulin at the meal before intense exercise and if necessary adjust the next doses too.If exercise is very very intense, of performance it is possible to need 50% less insulin.During exercise glucose enters in the cells almost without insulin, that is why you need less insulin and go low.

         When you want to have intense exercise next day, eat the night before complex ch like bread, pasta, rice, also at breakfast next day.After exercise eat complex ch again and drink water, this will help a lot. Exercise after 2-3 hours from a meal. These things are  written in the book I have bought from the hospital. You know better your body reaction, be careful . Best wishes!

I'm going through the honeymoon phase right now also. It is frustrating; I would just like it to be what it is going to be so I can get used to it and get ready for the rest of my life. (I'm starting law school in the fall, I'd like have a set routine by then. Lets Hope!)

I see a lot of folks saying months to years, what is a 'common time frame?' Understanding that everyone is different.