Honeymoon stage

Ok so I've read in a few of the post about a honeymoon stage.. what is that?


You're in your honeymoon stage as we speak. :) And it's great to see you're handling it so well! The honeymoon stage is where your body is still adapting to the changes of actually being DIAGNOSED with juvenile diabetes, and is adjusting to the different insulins and lifestyle changes. You'll notice fluctuations and differences in your body throughout the honeymoon stage that may have no reason at all. It's basically the time that your body takes to adjust to having diabetes. 

You will start to see higher blood sugars as time goes on and your body gets used to the insulin. Just be cautious of the sugars, and know that it isn't because you're doing anything wrong! 

Your pancreas will still produce insulin at random times during this stage which will also make your BS fluctuate. So if your taking insulin then your pancreas decides to work you have a low or the opposite could happen. They say it can last up to 2 years or as little as 2 weeks. I have always been told to embrace the Honeymoon stage for as long as you can. I am still in it and was dx'd over a year ago.