We are apparently in the honeymoon (what a cruel nickname) period for my baby's T1D. She keeps hitting consistent lows. We give her juice boxes any time she is below 85, and we're faxing in our number sheets to keep her monitored. I'm not so scared of the highs, but the lows freak me out, especially at bedtime. We're getting a handle on it, but we're also only three weeks into the "dealing with T1D lifestyle." Does anybody have any other suggestions or info for a consistently low child? Input is SO greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!

Hi! I'm actually in my honeymoon phase right now... I got diagnosed about a year ago. It's really annoying to be low a lot, I usually don't even take insulin with my meals and my blood sugars are still in perfect range a little while later! I can't say that I have too much advice because every body is different, but I can say that this phase will not last forever. Just really monitor her sugars and maybe ease up on her insulin dosages-talk to a doctor about that. Like I said, I really don't even use fast-acting insulin right now because I don't need it, just a long-lasting one at night (18 units) keeps my sugars consistent all day. Once in a while I'll have a slightly high sugar from a previous meal so I'll take some insulin but I rarely need it. I think it's nice to not worry about high sugars... however the lows can be annoying. Just hang in there! :)