I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with type 1.  Been having lows the past few days, Dr. says my pancreas is starting to work again......honeymoon phase.   What exactly is this?  How long does it last?   Been feeling like I'm on a roller coaster these past 2 weeks.

I'm sorry you were diagnosed.  It's definitely a roller coaster getting adjusted, especially in the beginning, but you'll settle in.

Honeymoon Phase refers to the period during which your pancreas is still producing some insulin.  The amounts can fluctuate and be spotty, so can making managing your BG a bit challenging.  The Honeymoon Phase usually lasts anywhere from six months to a year and a half or more...it varies with each individual. 

If you're having lows, talk to your endo team about adjusting your insulin.  Which insulins are you using?  If you're on Lantus or another long-acting insulin, you can ask them to drop your dose a bit to help avoid the lows.  Also, if you're using Humalog or a fast-acting with a carb:insulin ratio, they can adjust your ratio.

Hang in there.  It does get easier with time.




Thank you for giving me some info Monique.  I actually did talk to my endo Doc and he told me to stop taking the fast-acting insulin and lower the dose of the Levitin, long -acting insulin.  Now I have been having high blood sugars.  I'm planning on calling the Dr. tomorrow, after lunch today I was the highest I've been since I left the hospital.  Had to do a few corrections the past couple of days.  Maybe the carb:insulin ration needs to be adjusted like you said.  



Hey, Chrisily,

I would highly recommend picking up the book "Think Like A Pancreas".  It lays out various diabetes management plans, how they work, the pros and cons of each, and gives a exceptional, detailed information on how to manage diabetes with insulin.  After caring our our son for six months after his dx, I still learned a lot by reading this book, and it helped me feel much more a partner in my son's care.

Please feel free to e-mail me privately if you'd like to chat.  The first several weeks can be the most challenging, but you are not on your own.  There are lots of us out here wrangling with this disease, including many, many adults.  Support, support, support.  Don't understimate it ;)



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im also renenly  dioniosed to   the avarage time for a pancreas to be still working for months  from what my doctor told me    your pancres produces amonts of insulin  they maby in  some small  ammounts    but thats really good keeps your blood sugar normal its all good

You're right, the honeymoon can last for a couple of months but also varies from person to person. Its usually shorter time frame for children as compared to adults. At the time of diagnosis they say you can have about 15-40% healthy cells still producing a small of amount of insulin naturally.

There are a few clinical research trials out there specifically focused on preserving pancreas cell function of those insulin-producing cells...in a sense prolonging your honeymoon period. The window of period of enrolling is within the first 100 days of diagnosis. Its still experimental trial, but it might be worth it to look into...  http://www.type1diabetestrial.org/