I'm wondering if anyone has any crazy honeymoon stories.  I was diagnosed when I was 12 (17 years ago), and at that time I had already been wearing glasses for 4 years--EVERYONE in my family has glasses and my vision was already bad enough that I couldn't read the chalkboard from the first row in class.  But for the first two weeks after I was released from the hospital, I didn't have to wear my glasses at all.  I could even sit in the back row and read everything perfectly fine!  Has anything cool like this happened to anyone else?

I think I read a post about someone not needing glasses for a while. We got my daughter glasses a couple months before diagnosis. Then she didn't need them anymore. Eye doctors should be required to test for diabetes.

I agree.  Since blurred vision is a symptom of hyperglycemia, it just makes sense to at least have a bg reading at each visit.  And according to WebMD, even optometrists are licensed to diagnose diabetes.  I wonder how much money and time could be saved by using eye doctors more efficiently (not to mention wasted trips to the doctor/hospitalization due to other symptoms).

In my case, I had to start wearing glasses again as soon as the honeymoon was over, but it was great while it lasted to not wear them.

hmm i couldnt see at all the first few days after diagnosis!

is this because i dont wear glasses normally?

the hospital told me its common for teenagers to experience blurred vision too.

Not a honeymoon story, but vision for sure! I had perfect vision my entire life, then all the symptoms hit me and my eyesight got significantly worse within a week! I noticed because I couldn't read posters in the classroom that I normally had been able read.  I looked up the symptoms and when I asked my parents if it was possible that I was diabetic, they said no and instead took me to get glasses and contacts. The day I was diagnosed, I fainted while I was trying to put contacts in!

I saw improvement in my vision as soon as the morning of my third day of hospitalization.  I looked out the window and could read the freeway signs :) Then during the week I returned home my eyes seemed to go in and out of focus if I tried to look at something close up, and now my eyes are back to normal! Best part of the diagnosis was hearing I'd get my eyesight back!