Gavi has been having amazing numbers lately. His numbers we in the higher 200's on Sunday (thanks to a piece of birthday cake at a friends party) but since then they've been rally good, the highest we've seen since Sunday is 161. He went from April of last year to January without needing insulin. He's on 1.5 units of Lantus right now, and he's been such a trooper lately, bugging us to give it to him in the mornings! He runs up to me and say "Mommy, you forgot to poke me in my tushy!". He's a funny kid. Anyway, back to the reason for my post. I know 1.5 units is a very small amount of insulin, but he seems to be doing very well. He does have days with higher numbers, but thankfully they've been okay lately. His numbers went sky high when he had a cold in Dec/Jan (it went up to 425 at one point), and his endo started him on Lantus just over a month ago. Can someone have a honeymoon phase before starting insulin? Or can a tiny amount of insulin just be the right amount to put him in the honeymoon? He went to the endo. last week, and his a1c did go up a little bit (it went from 5.7 to 6.3, I know it's a really good a1c, but don't forget he doesn't have "full blown" diabetes right now), but I'm hoping he will stay in this stage for a long time, with only needing a tiny amount of insulin to keep his numbers down.

I wonder if getting over his illness was enough to trigger a honeymoon. That was how they explained it to me, is that the illness that sort of puts them over the edge to type 1, when it clears up they jump into into their honeymoon because they are still making insulin and when they aren't sick their little bodies don't need as much insulin. 

My daughter has been in a really strong honeymoon for nearly a year now. It seems to me like when she started on insulin last March, it just gave her poor little pancreas a break, and it was able to work a bit more efficiently. We saw another major decrease in insulin when she started on the pump in September, so she's now on about 2/3 the insulin she was on last August. Seems weird, but she hasn't been sick or had anything else that might kill off any more of those beta cells, so I think having the pump working so efficiently and keeping her numbers in a pretty good zone is really extending her honeymoon.

Originally they told us the honeymoon wouldn't last more than a year, but now I've heard of people in this phase for two years or more. I'm grateful because as long as her pancreas is doing part of the work, it seems like we don't have a lot of really serious highs or lows. Even so, the honeymoon can be a real pain too, because sometimes it seems like her little pancreas kicks in a bit more than usual and she'll have an unexpected low.

Anyway, it sounds like your little one is doing great. I'd just keep doing everything you're doing and hopefully you can keep him in the honeymoon a bit longer.