Ok so my son was dx on 12/27.....and no sign of a honeymoon, is all hope lost...He had a few days early last week when we was in range 3 days straight, and we thought he was on his way.  Now the past couple days he has spent most of his days at the higher end or out of range...Any thoughts???

Hey TJandKim, I am glad that you found this site, it is very welcoming and helpful. I am sorry to hear that your son was diagnosed with Diabetes, if you have any questions we are all here to answer. I wouldn't say that your son is out of range for going into a honeymoon. I recently thought that I would never have one after a few months had gone by especially since my numbers were always fairly high. Then starting at the end of January I have needed way less insulin and my numbers have been AWESOME! Every couple of days I already need to lower my insulin doses becuase I am on the lower side now. Not everyone has a honeymoon but it may still happen, sometimes it just takes time for your body to get used to everything. I hope this helped and know that if you have any other questions just ask. :)

Katey :D