Honeymooning and feild trips

Hi to all! My name is Kelly and my daugther, Macie, who is 11 was diagnosed with Type one in Aug. We just started using insulin this past month and she is still in the honeymoon phase.

My concern is that tomorrow Macie is in the Saint Patrick's Day parade and is going to be taking a bus downtown with the rest of her group and marching. I am a nervous wreck. Macie is fine with going and checking blood sugars and everything, but  I am just worried about her not being with me.

I dont want to be the over protective mother and she begged me to let her go with all her friends and coaches alone and not ride along on the bus.

Any suggestions on how to get over my anxiety?


The only idea I can really think of is if your daughter has a cell phone, then you could text or call you every so often so you know she is ok...or like she could text you her blood sugar when she checks it. If she doesn't have a cell phone then maybe give your number to one of the coaches/teachers and ask them to call you at least once to make sure she is ok. I'm sure it will be fine and she will have a lot of fun!

When my daughter was in the honeymoon phase, and she was 11 also, I always made sure she had glucose tabs in her pocket.  She seemed to have a lot of lows in that phase and she could feel them, so that was good!  I also got her a cell phone...more for me than her!  It also helped to know that a teacher knew what to watch for or one of her friends.  Hope that helps!

I love the idea of making sure a couch calls you a couple of times to let you know what her numbers are and that's she's fine. And, of course, I'm sure you've already talked to them about what to do for a low, etc...

I guess this is first step in slowly letting her be on her own more! Hang in there!