Hope someone can help me...elevated alkaline phosphatase levels 4 mo post-partum

Hello Girls--

About 6 weeks post-partum I was seen by my normal physician for my usual 3 mo diabetes check. It was discovered that my Alkaline Phosphatase was elevated to about 140ish (normal is 50-136). Alkaline Phosphotase (ALP) is an enzyme secreted by the liver, if you didn't know. She said that it was probably due to the pregnancy, because most pregnant women's levels of ALP rise during the 3rd trimester.

I went in again today, 3 months later, and now my ALP is 166. WHAT THE HECK. She said that we can either wait another 3 months and check the blood again or I could be referred to a GI specialist. She thinks that I could have possibly had a bile duct stone or obstruction and this has maybe caused my liver to function a little higher. But I chose to see a GI specialist because I don't want to have to think about it for 3 more months.

Anyways, just wondering if any of you have experienced this post-partum? The doctors are telling me not to worry but I am so scared. I can't imagine having some freaky terminal illness after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. I am probably paranoid and blowing this way out of proportion but I can't imagine if something like that would happen. Everything went so well with my pregnancy and post-partum and now THIS happens.....augh.

Any advice or feedback would make me feel a lot better.


Thanks, Kelly

I'm sorry Kelly, I didn't have this.  Hopefully someone else has had similar experience.   I'd probably go to the specialist now.  You don't need that on your mind with a newborn.   Enjoy that baby... they grow so fast.