Hoping to donate unused supplies: Omnipod and Freestyle

Our son just switched to the Omnipod Dash and we have several boxes of original Omnipods we would like to donate. Additionally, his new meter no longer uses the same test strips so we have many boxes of Freestyle test strips to donate as well. I know we could sell these but I prefer to help someone who’s struggling with affording supplies. Let me know if you are interested.

You are so thoughtful! I’m sitting here watching the reports on Hurricane Dorian and someone was talking about how people in the Bahamas are in need of medical supplies, etc. I was thinking it would be great if people could donate extra diabetes supplies via one of the relief organizations. I don’t know that they would take them since most require a prescription, but it might be worth checking out.

Thanks. I did look into that but most of the organizations I looked into didn’t accept pump supplies (which makes sense in a disaster relief situation.) I did find someone who could use them, am just awaiting her info so I can ship to her. Planning to make a monetary donation to American Red Cross tonight. Praying for everyone affected.

Hi Cindy,

I use the FreeStyle Libre and would love to have your extra test strips! However, if someone else responds who needs them more than I do and is struggling financially, please send the strips to them.


I’m sorry, Jess, I did get a response yesterday and the items are no longer available. Best of luck to you!

Wow my son uses the Omnipod and we could sure use yours if still available!!!

Thank you,

I have some supplies that I’d love to donate.

Several Dexcom G5 sensors
A lot of freestyle test strips
Possibly some old Eros Omnipod pods… but I think I used them all…

Please let me know if it’s something you can use!

Supplies I posted about have been donated. Thank you.