So most of the time my ugly angry pregnancy hormones stay on the down low but every now and then they stick their ugly face out. As happy and bubbly as I usually am, they turn me into a crazy angry ready to take out anyone who messes with me. Maybe im just frusturated because being a type 1 diabetic and pregnant are not easy. My husband doesn't really understand that hormones are a part of pregnancy and they are just there and you will just have to deal with them. Does anyone else have issues with their better half dealing with this??? Thanks!

Actually I was so pleasant during my pregnancy that my husband wanted me to take pregnancy hormones after the baby was born!  

The hormones and pregnancy changes affect everyone differently.  Just do your best and try to get sleep and avoid fights when you're not feeling well.  I'm cranky when I have PMS and my husband has learned to wait until I'm more normal to bring up confrontational issues. 

Keara I have the same issue with my hormones and diabetes.  I feel defensive, irritated, and downright mean sometimes.  Your body is going through so many stressful changes right now that this is perfectly normal.  Plus adding a layer of stress with BSL management doesn't help with your frustrations. My husband says he understands when I have mood swings but I don't know if he's just saying that to make me feel better. LOL.    I hear it gets better in the 2nd trimester because once the placenta is formed, the hormones are not raging as much.  (This is what I hear).  I guess my advice is to keep your head up, it's temporary, and maybe find 1 person that you can vent to openly so that you don't go nuts on a stranger, or worse, your husband.  (guilty)  haha!  Also, I found that signing my husband up for weekly email alerts from websites like what to expect or babycenter.com were helpful for him understanding what I was going through.  He was getting information about how I was feeling from an outside source to help him understand what changes I was going through.  I really suggest this, in hopes that your husband can understand why you are being the way you are, and that it's not a true reflection of your personality.