Horror trilogy to focus on diabetes

Picked up this article from The Press Association. Turns out Tom Craig is making a horror film about type one diabetes. Read the article I picked up below. The title of the films is "Bitter Sweet Trilogy"

 A film maker has created a horror movie to increase awareness about diabetes.

Tom Craig is a scriptwriter, film maker and lecturer in Film Theory and History at the University of Derby.

He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of four.

Mr Craig has previously been involved in educating trainee doctors and nurses at his local hospital about what it is like to live with the condition, and so chose to combine his knowledge to produce three short horror films.

It is hoped the series, named the Bitter Sweet Trilogy, will encourage people, especially younger generations, to discuss diabetes more openly.

Type 1 diabetes, also known as insulin-dependant diabetes, is a lifelong condition in which the body cannot control the amount of glucose in the blood.

Mr Craig said: "Adjusting to the psychological aspects of living with diabetes, in my experience, can be the hardest part of dealing with the condition.

"Unfortunately, this is also an area that healthcare professionals often see as a secondary consideration, after the management of a patient's physical symptoms.

"Broaching the subject in a format that teenagers and young adults are familiar with, such as the horror or thriller genre, is more likely to get them talking about it than if you were to try and convey the message in a dry documentary style."

Each film, written by Mr Craig, is about 20 minutes long and focus on different symptoms of diabetes.

horror movie! i dont think i like that idea

Horror and diabetes? I am curious as to how the movie will raise awareness about diabetes? Associating horror and diabetes together? I don't know how I feel about it.

Keep in mind that the title "Horror trilogy to focus on diabetes" is the catch phrase of the article writers or publisher, they are looking to get people to read their articles not always relaying what exactly it going on =)

I'm sorry, I should have thought it through before I just repeated what the article said. But if you check out his bio a little deeper I don't think that it is going to be a mockery or a big budget production that is going to scare the s*** out viewers. The movies are going to be 20mins long each and from what he said in the interview focused on the psychological needs of the patient, that is what I understood from what I read. Taking a thriller approach to engage the viewer instead of a documentary approach.

I try to have faith in my fellow artists to do things consciously and work with good intent for the viewer. I believe that is what many of us aim to do in our work.

Anyway, I'm going to email him and ask him to join Juvenation and tell us a little more about what he is up to! I think it would be pretty cool.

Personally, I'm with Stilledlife AND Gina. I'm glad he's trying to raise diabetes awareness-I think we're all for that. I'm not sure if the horror genre is really where we want to spread the awareness...I mean, we have enough people who think we're freaks to deal with already. I think it all depends on how he writes it, though. Go ahead and invite him, Stilledlife. If we all give suggestions, maybe it (the film) will be more accurate.

He certainly has my interest.  Horror and thrillers are my favorite genre of movie so this is right up my alley.  Let's face it, diabetes isn't exactly a disease that translates well to the screen, big or small, and it will be quite interesting how he portrays the disease in each of his installments.

I think horror appeals to my twisted sense of humor. I like the Japanese horror movies...some of them. There's one with the sound of a tapping stick that really messed with my mind. I used to clean buildings part time. There were massive amounts of reflective surfaces all over the front entrance (it also had an echo-filled front hall) and fourth floor. I saw that horror film and had a difficult time managing to keep going at 3 a.m. in that building.

Maybe the hero is a T1 who has only her wits to protect him/her from a terrible, drooling, super monster. She has to check her blood sugar...wait...she has to get diagnosed first, before the monster comes into the scene. She's going about adjusting to her life, and then...big, huge scary monster appears. She annihilates it with glucose tabs. Or gel...

I have had some truly terrifying low BG dreams...melting roller coaster...another one that was sort of a butterfly effect with reversing story lines that refused to resolve...

 I am very curious. Wouldn't it be great if it was thorough and convincing? And won an award at the Sundance Film Festival...and was shown everywhere?

Yeah, well. I think the hero ought to be female, but that's just me. I tried to use both pronouns for a bit...

yea i dont like the idea at all.

The hero should be a/be named JUVENATOR!

haha like that one Alyssa

wait until you see it to decide.  you may be surprised.

This article explains a bit more about the plots of the movies.  Sounds like it may be interesting...

This sounds interesting. I hope the second one, if I am accurate on it being the second, the one that deals with blindness, isn't self righteous. That's my only concern. What an exciting project. I wish him and his company the best.

Definately has my attention. horror movies and diabetes. nice nice

i'm pretty interested in seeing how it turns out!

[quote user="Amanda"]

This article explains a bit more about the plots of the movies.  Sounds like it may be interesting...


After reading this my interest has been piqued ten fold.

i actually find the idea hilarious. so far, any movies involving diabetes in the plot have been fairly hokey and cheesey to me. no one can accurately portray diabetes outside of a diabetic and even then, it's impossible to make it realistic unless it's a documentary.

i am also a big fan of the horror/thriller genre. i'm interested to see how things are done, but hopefully diabetes isn't the horror. i find it to be more of a pain in the ass than a horror. i could definitely see a comedy moving coming out involving life with t1. i'm sure everyone has some funny stories to tell...

Ps.... 'moving' = movie

For some reason you mentioning diabetic comedy got me to thinking about Dumb & Dumber.  No idea why but something tells me that if it were made, that is the type of movie it would be.